It’s My Day Too – Part XIV: 2 Years of Dating

I know I haven’t written in awhile but the year of being a fiance (or the time between boyfriend and husband) can be quite hectic! There are alot of new experiences and things to decide.

Having said that, you can’t forget about why you’re together. Always celebrate your dating anniversary – it helps bring back the spark and adventure into the daily life of the two of you.

My dating anniversary was last weekend. The planning process required me to select a few restaurants that the “boss” would like. Here is a tip: make a few reservations at 7pm, 7:45pm and potentially 8:45pm at different places because you never know things happen that are less than ideal.

My first pick was taking the lady to Rosewater Supper club. Having entered, I noticed a few gentlemen in black suits, white collared shirts and colourful tie – this is code for a wedding reception. I immediately felt under dressed as I had decided to wear beige linen pants, a light blue long sleeved collar shirts with beige loafers.

As I walked through the doors, my senses went into overdrive as I was blasted with bhangra and loud conversations, and blinded by bright colours. There was a wedding reception going on and no one thought to inform me when I made the reservation, even when they further called to confirm 2 days prior!

I was looking forward to nice romantic evening and this was not happening here. I was so shocked at this pandeomonium, I followed the hostess to an apparent quieter part of the restaurant. After 2 minutes of adjustment, I realized that this was a tad ridiculous. Thankfully I had a back up plan – North 44 which proved to be amazing.

By the way, when North 44 called to confirm, they also asked if it was a special occasion. For dessert, we recieved a chocolate plate – how thoughtful.

Here is the math:

Rosewater Supper Club – $20 to get there in a cab, $20 to get to North 44, ($20 to go to a planned comedy show back in that area) = $60. Rosewater and I played phone tag for a bit as they did want to offer me a $50 gift card. However, why would I ever go back there, who knows there might be a birthday party there next time. If you’re listening Rosewater, just send me a cheque or email transfer for $60.

North 44 – priceless.

It’s my Day too – Part XIII: Getting into Shape

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In my case, this resulted in gaining 15 pounds since my 2 year journey with my fiance, who happens to have an amazing way with food (and her mom).

I previously wrote about how I had to get all of my clothes altered because of weight gain, now I will tell you how I am on the road to recovery.

After having been working out for 15+ years, for 5 days a week, I realized that I didn’t have the time to spend like I used to and my routines were stagnating. I needed quick results plus more time to spend with my fiance.

We decided to join a gym that specialized in a unique form of training called Cross Fit. This is an intense 1 hour class which we attend 3 times a week. It is made up of a 10 minute warm up, 15-20 minute intense circuit training routine which uses a combination of plyometrics, dynamic training and compound movements, which involve aerobic and anerobic systems. It’s a full body work out and we are able to motivate eachother while getting us in shape…fast. Furthermore, it is highly educational as it lets you know how the body works, how to achieve weight loss and all about functional training.

The diet part is composed of eating natural organic foods but we have yet to fully master this part as the end of the day always requires a nice stiff drink (due to stressful wedding planning!) Perhaps that will be another blog post, the fiance is currently working on developing some self control and of course some organic recipes we can follow.

It’s My Day Too: Part XI: My Wedding Checklist

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to talk about his wedding planning from a male prospective.

Just when I thought things were done; I received an e-mail from the boss outlining the things I have left to do.

Planning a night out with guys seems so easy; there’s only two things on the checklist, the LCBO and The Beer store. A wedding checklist is a whole different animal. The following is a list of things done and left to do – T-6 months.

Things DONE

  • Venue – Atlantis – After determining the number of guests – picking the venue will probably take the longest and determine the size of the reception
  • Photographer – Andrew Adams – This is strictly preference of what you’re looking for.
  • Florist – Wow Afket – Be sure to shop around and get someone who your comfortable working with and can meet your budget
  • DJ – DJ Guru – Experience counts when it comes to music, if your grew up in the 80’s opt for someone who’s from that era
  • Violinist – Very versatile as we are using the same violinist for the 2nd ceremony and our reception dinner
  • Fiance’s Evening Dress – I haven’t seen the finance’s dress yet, but I’m told it’s white and a fusion of Eastern/Western style
  • Officiant / Minister – Seems like a decent guy
  • Ceremony #1 – Hamilton gurdwara
  • Ceremony #2 – Radisson Plaza – Roof top Gazebo seems the perfect setting for a ceremony, I just hope Oct. 30th isn’t too cold
  • Hair/ Makeup – LaSonne  – I’m still looking for someone to help me trim my beard. Any volunteers?

Things expected to be taken care of:

  • Invitations – Perhaps in India as it is very cheap
  • Wedding Party gifts – candy?
  • Honeymoon – I’ve been told by a friend that Sandals Nigral, Jamaica is absolutely amazing destination.
  • Rings – Not again, picking a engagement ring was stressful enough!!!
  • Suits – My favorite part. Just putting together the finishing touches…
  • Other Entertainment –  Bhangra Dancers
  • Engagement Party – this is a whole other animal my parents are taking care of, or atleast I hope they are
  • Limos – still working out logistics of the hectic crazy day
  • Video  – This varies, you can hire one of your friends to walk around with a video camera or go all out with 3 cameras and a gigantic electronic arm to guide them – hopefully the parents will take care of this too.
  • Cake – Idoweddingcakes seems the most reasonable place so far.

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most stressful things you will have to do in your life. I think I have aged quite a bit in the last few months, I’ve got the white hairs to prove it. At times it can feel like there are too many chef’s in the kitchen (my parents) and it’s not easy meet everyone’s expectations. When planning your wedding make sure you sit down with your partner and figure what’s important to the both of you as well set out clear goals. After all, if you don’t have any goals and timelines, then it will be like steering a ship with out a rudder. Make sure you have ample time to plan and have set a budget or sky’s the limit.

It’s my day too – Part X: Suit Song

Every Monday – Jessie will be taking over the blog to talk about his wedding planning from a male prospective.

So what happens if you don’t have a “song”? You just don’t remember the song that was playing on your first date or don’t really serenade each other.

Then, you must find one! The “boss” said that it was important to have one and one that we would both agree on, as she did not want it to be the Eye of the Tiger which would be my number one pick.
We didn’t want top 40 or something too new.  After weeks of pondering and much YouTube searching, we decided that we wanted an instrumentally played song. The violin seemed to be the winner as my fiance came across a musician who could play a wide variety of top 40 and popular pop, rock and r&b songs on his violin.

Even better he had recorded CD’s available for us to purchase. We had never heard the violin played like this and immediately found a winner for our first dance/song. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact violin version of the song, but here is the the original.

Guide to Wedding Suits – Complete Guide

Congratulations! Although you are most likely not married yet; we have reached the end of the wedding guide and you survived it!! You can view the entire guide here and there is also a link to the right —>

We will continue our weekly wedding planning from a male prospective on Mondays but our guide will switch gears and focus on another topic. I will leave you guessing – stay tuned for next week for the next edition of the Sartorial Savillian Guide series.

Guide to Wedding Suits – Part XIV: (Final) Destination

So you want to have your wedding on a far off beach. Well, no one blames you – weddings can be uber stressful and weigh the equivalent of a small child in coin.

The bride has many choices of beach-style wedding dresses in a variety of colours, yet what will the groom wear?

A 3-peice suit with tie is way too formal for a beach setting meanwhile shorts or rolled up pants is a bit too casual and may appear unkempt. You have to maintain some sort of formality but with the right balance. Regardless, this all boils down to personal preference. If you have your heart set on a 3-peice suit, then go for it.

After all my bashing of white suits so far in my guides, now I will embrace it with open arms!

The best way to start is wait for your bride to decide on her outfit. Depending on the formality of your bride’s dress (very traditional wedding dress or casual beach dress) this will help you decide on your look. For a traditional bride, consider wearing a white tuxedo and/or one with tails with barefeet, sandals or loafers.  If she is taking the route of casual and fun – then consider wearing an off-white, linen, loosely fitted, collared shirt (short-sleeved optional) with white or tanned cotton or linen loosely fitted pants with barefeet or sandals. Another option is getting a tanned cotton blazer to wear on top. Depending on the heat, this may be too many layers, but again, it depends on formality of the bride’s dress.

You can certainly wear some colour in aqua or pink shirt, yet I like to keep it white because your surroundings will be colourful enough.

Some tips to remember:

  • Do not wear a belt or tuck in your linen shirt into your linen pants. The look is supposed to be casual.
  • Linen wrinkles quickly so don’t worry too much about it being perfectly crisp.
  • Roll up your pants if you are taking pictures in the water, otherwise keep them down for the ceremony.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some chest.

Please visit my friend Jennifer Borgh’s website for all details on planning your destination wedding!