It’s My Day Too – Part XIV: 2 Years of Dating

I know I haven’t written in awhile but the year of being a fiance (or the time between boyfriend and husband) can be quite hectic! There are alot of new experiences and things to decide.

Having said that, you can’t forget about why you’re together. Always celebrate your dating anniversary – it helps bring back the spark and adventure into the daily life of the two of you.

My dating anniversary was last weekend. The planning process required me to select a few restaurants that the “boss” would like. Here is a tip: make a few reservations at 7pm, 7:45pm and potentially 8:45pm at different places because you never know things happen that are less than ideal.

My first pick was taking the lady to Rosewater Supper club. Having entered, I noticed a few gentlemen in black suits, white collared shirts and colourful tie – this is code for a wedding reception. I immediately felt under dressed as I had decided to wear beige linen pants, a light blue long sleeved collar shirts with beige loafers.

As I walked through the doors, my senses went into overdrive as I was blasted with bhangra and loud conversations, and blinded by bright colours. There was a wedding reception going on and no one thought to inform me when I made the reservation, even when they further called to confirm 2 days prior!

I was looking forward to nice romantic evening and this was not happening here. I was so shocked at this pandeomonium, I followed the hostess to an apparent quieter part of the restaurant. After 2 minutes of adjustment, I realized that this was a tad ridiculous. Thankfully I had a back up plan – North 44 which proved to be amazing.

By the way, when North 44 called to confirm, they also asked if it was a special occasion. For dessert, we recieved a chocolate plate – how thoughtful.

Here is the math:

Rosewater Supper Club – $20 to get there in a cab, $20 to get to North 44, ($20 to go to a planned comedy show back in that area) = $60. Rosewater and I played phone tag for a bit as they did want to offer me a $50 gift card. However, why would I ever go back there, who knows there might be a birthday party there next time. If you’re listening Rosewater, just send me a cheque or email transfer for $60.

North 44 – priceless.

Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part VI: Cufflinks

Sadly, I have nothing too controversial to say about cufflinks. I debated whether to say anything at all, yet it is a key component in male accessorizing so it definitely deserves a mention.

There is no cool story associated with why/how cufflinks were invented or they’re original purpose – its basically a glorified button that can be frustrating to put together and may require an additional pair of hands.

Nonetheless, cuff links are no longer traditional (oval black enamel for tuxedo and business) – they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and makes – there are really no strict rules surrounding when and what to wear them with anymore either.

Cufflinks are worn with a double cuff and the most common cufflink is one that “pushes through” a cufflink hole.

Quick Tips:

  • Be aware of your gold to silver ratio between your cufflinks, rings, bracelets and watch – you don’t want to wear stainless steel with solid gold – the colours just wont’ work. Besides, you don’t want to wear all these things at once – stick to a watch and cufflinks, or ring and cufflinks – 2 things are better than 3 and never 4!
  • Don’t get too caught up with colour matching your cufflinks exactly to your tie or pocket square – it should always look like you didn’t try too hard.
  • Always wear cufflinks with a double cuff, it doesn’t have the same madmen edge with single cuff
  • You are allowed to wear cufflinks without a tie or in a setting that is not intensely formal – rules are more flexible around this as cufflinks are available with very casual undertones (i.e. shaped like dice).

Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part V: Jessie’s Watch

Now you may be wondering, what watch does Jessie wear? He was recently gifted a Tag Heuer – Link Automatic Watch. Tag Heuer is a well known brand for watches – most known for its association with motor sports. Its fairly masculine in girth and complication.

He’s worn it for a few weeks now. It is very noticable as it peaks out under his suit jacket and blinds unsuspecting passerbyers. He has also confessed that the “scratch resistent” sapphire crystal glass appears to have a scratch. The black dial pad has a nice way of turning blue in certain light which gives the watch a bit of magic. I’ve also been asked the time so that he could adjust the time which works on automatic movement, but then why was it ahead?

In any case, the bottom line is that a watch will instantly professionalize your look and take you to another level of status (perhaps high roller). If nothing else, invest in a watch!

Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part IV: Brand your Watch

A ticket pocket, and working cuffs are useless details on a custom suit – since rarely would you attend an Opera or roll up your sleeves to deliver a baby. Nonetheless, these are symbols which represent prestige and uniqueness to the wearer.

Watches have this same sartorial uselessness through different elements that make it ooze prestige.

Basically, a male watch is characterized by its “Complication” – which is defined as additional features like a stopwatch, second time zone display, chiming mechanism and calendars.

The Pilot Watch made popular by Breitling is the father of all male watches as it actually has functionality for flying a plane such as displaying ascending and descending gradients, fuel consumption and average speed. This may come in handy when you decide you need to take the jet into work.

Rolex used to be the status symbol for prestige, yet much contraband has now placed the name in a questionable category – similar to Gucci purses. You really never know if its fake.

Which ever brand you choose, ensure it is a chronograph watch with fancy complication – in the end you always have your phone to check the time digitally.

Picture from Gentlemen: A Timeless Fashion – Bernhard Roetzel

It’s my Day too – Part XIII: Getting into Shape

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In my case, this resulted in gaining 15 pounds since my 2 year journey with my fiance, who happens to have an amazing way with food (and her mom).

I previously wrote about how I had to get all of my clothes altered because of weight gain, now I will tell you how I am on the road to recovery.

After having been working out for 15+ years, for 5 days a week, I realized that I didn’t have the time to spend like I used to and my routines were stagnating. I needed quick results plus more time to spend with my fiance.

We decided to join a gym that specialized in a unique form of training called Cross Fit. This is an intense 1 hour class which we attend 3 times a week. It is made up of a 10 minute warm up, 15-20 minute intense circuit training routine which uses a combination of plyometrics, dynamic training and compound movements, which involve aerobic and anerobic systems. It’s a full body work out and we are able to motivate eachother while getting us in shape…fast. Furthermore, it is highly educational as it lets you know how the body works, how to achieve weight loss and all about functional training.

The diet part is composed of eating natural organic foods but we have yet to fully master this part as the end of the day always requires a nice stiff drink (due to stressful wedding planning!) Perhaps that will be another blog post, the fiance is currently working on developing some self control and of course some organic recipes we can follow.

Guide to Men’s Accessories – Part III: The Watch Defined

The modern watch appears to be the most distinguishing peice of the male armour. Yet, before we jump into finding the perfect watch for you, I want to start with defining parts of a watch which can get quite complicated. Let’s stick to the basics though.


This is a very fancy word for stop watch capability. If you ever need to keep time then this is a good feature to have. The extra side knob makes it look high tech.

Mechanical Watch

The most expensive watches are called mechanical because there is an intricate system of gears and springs utilized to make the watch work. Rewinding is manual or occurs automatically via an endless screw called a barrel. The automatic movement of the rewinding occurs through swinging/moving your arm. When the person is inactive, the watch may stop and require rewinding. Although expensive, a mechanical watch can be inaccurate.

Quartz Watch

A watch that is run by a battery via sending electric currents to a to a small quartz crystal. This watch is less expensive compared to a mechanical watch and also alot more accurate.

There are quite alot of other features on a watch – its kind of like rocket science in a way. However, these days its really all about style and looking good more than the mechanics of it. Next week, I will breakdown the best watch that fits your lifestyle.