3 Tough Questions to Answer for Biz Success

When you start a business or even years into it, there are 3 questions that you start with and may evolve and change as you go on. When you fail to consider these questions, you may see yourself “hustling” a little too hard or forcing it a bit too much.

How to Face your Internal Demons for Ultimate Success

Okay, I’m going to get a bit deep here in the hopes that I might strike a cord with someone. This is important and life changing stuff.

This year was the first time I have ever put my face on the cover of my website, and really pushed my own business and my brand. It brought up a lot of unexpected vulnerabilities and insecurities for me, like: am I good enough at what I do? Who am I to do this? Do I have enough experience? Will people even want to work with me? The list goes on and on… It was a whole lot to feel, thankfully at the same time, I got into chakra clearing, meditation, and tapping which helped clear some of these feelings down to a dull roar. You can read about the 13 things I tried and test here.  But, even with all these new found practices,  and brute force effort to raise my vibration, I was still sabotaging myself at a sub-conscious level. I had these hard-set limiting beliefs about how I “should” be, messed up eh?

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How to Find your Passion in Business

What is your passion? What lights up your soul? What do you enjoy the most, where time flies and you’re in the flow? I get hit over the head with these questions quite a lot because I feel like I’m always reinventing myself. You tend to get caught up with making money and finding the best opportunity based on your experience and forget that maybe you might want to be enjoying what you’re doing.

Passion Quote - Steve Jobs
Photo credit: Celestine Chua via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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How to Use your Emotions to Succeed in Business & Life

I’ve always had an issue with showing my emotions. I was taught to not show my feelings ever, just suck it up and keep it in. With 2 older brothers and a strict father, I learned quickly that crying and showing vulnerability were not the way to be successful in life, although I threw a lot of temper tantrums. I learned to avoid people, hide who I was, and put up thick shields. I once had my school counselor pull me aside and ask me, quite sternly, why I felt I couldn’t show my feelings. Later in my Masters, I completely skipped the modules that had to do with emotional intelligence, which turns out to be SUPER IMPORTANT in business….oops.

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The Number One Thing You Need To Be Successful

For me, being successful has always meant taking action and executing on a plan. I love to have a plan and to work through a to-do list. This makes me (feel) super productive and accomplished. I have been under this impression that I had to work hard and do every single textbook strategy to the best of my ability, only then can I allow myself to make money. But, if there is even one slight mistake like my copy was not geared towards conversion or I used the wrong colour for my call to action button, then its all goes down the drain and I’m a failure. Dramatic much? Crazy much? But, this was my pattern.

Self-Belief to be succcessful

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13 Things You Can Do to Remove Blocks & Raise your Vibration

If you somehow landed on this blog, then you probably have some understanding of energy and vibration and how important it is to living a life of happiness and one of your dreams. But, if you don’t, there’s only two things you need to know: energy needs to flow and vibration needs to be high (imagine a tuning fork). My energy was so blocked and my vibration was so low, that I was ultimately not happy with my life and felt really stuck Hence, I didn’t get what I wanted. It was a terrible cycle. Uhh why is this in a business blog? Well, because the way you feel and your energy is EVERYTHING.

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How Vulnerability Is the Key to Success in Life & Business

So, here’s my truth and my raw vulnerability. I have failed, not once, but twice, but multiple times. I took it for face value for years. I watched as I added more and more evidence that I was a failure. It was my identity, my crutch, and with it I knew the end result which to me was comfort and safety. It’s something I still struggle with even today. I have this innate fear of failure and that keeps me small because there is still that sense of knowing the outcome and keeping myself in a nice cocoon.

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