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Hello! My name is Jas Banwait and I am an entrepreneur, start-up marketer, world traveler, health & fitness junkie, menswear aficionado, fashion fiend, quasi-foodie, real estate enthusiast, and proud auntie, I currently reside in Mississauga, Ontario (just outside Toronto).

This blog was started in January 2008 and named after a business idea I had at the time: “Audit Your Closet”. It has now evolved to JasCity. This is reflective of an accumulation of worldwide start-up experience that shapes who I am today.

I have made a career out of being an “entrepreneur” (don’t try this at home, kids) having done all the things that only entrepreneurs do. Perhaps, I should create a chart, one of those failure to success squiggly line ones (PS: success not reached fully yet). This is what they don’t teach you in school:

  • Starting my first business out of my parent’s basement with my brother.
  • Selling things out of the trunk of my car.
  • Getting fired from my day job for working on my start-up during work hours.
  • Working freelance to support my fledgling start-up.
  • Joining an incubator (Toronto Fashion Incubator).
  • Going broke….twice, and the second time starting over from scratch.
  • Trying to sell my company, but no cigar.
  • Closing down not one, but two companies.
  • Getting equity in a funded company and later becoming a co-founder.
  • Appearing on Dragon’s Den where all the Dragon’s wanted to invest, and then turning them down.
  • Launching a company in another country (not once,,but twice),
  • Living” in NYC & SF which meant sleeping on uncomfortable couches or some random person’s apartment (not through AirBnB).
  • Joining an accelerator (500 Start-ups),
  • Becoming CEO of my own start-up for a very brief few months.
  • Starting my solopreneur career as a marketing consultant.

It’s been a wild journey and certainly not over! My blog has been here for most of it and will continue to be.

Pre-2014, you’ll find blogs heavily skewed towards fashion (menswear), entrepreneurship (my start-ups: Savillian, TwoMangoes and Seat 14A), and living in India. Currently, my blog posts are about social media strategy, start-up marketing, and the occasional lifestyle post,

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7 thoughts on “About JasCity

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  2. I’m new to this whole blog thing however I came across your blogs they are brilliant to read and allows me as a marketer to take on the points you have discussed throughout the blogs and put it in practice in the real world of marketing/social media industry. Look forward to more blogs. All the best and good luck

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