Why AYC?

This blog was started in January 2008 and named after a business idea I had at the time: “Audit Your Closet”. It had evolved to the quirky name of “JasCity” for awhile, but now it’s back to AYC.

Pre-2014, you’ll find blogs heavily skewed towards fashion (menswear), entrepreneurship (my start-ups: Savillian, TwoMangoes and Seat 14A), and living in India. Post 2015, my blogs turned quite spiritual and health related which I think I’ll stick to for now. This is a fun outlet for me to be creative and out of the constrains of writing about business.

For startup growth and marketing related blog posts, visit my other blog: JasBanwait.co

Questions, comments or feedback? Feel free to send me an email: Jas@JasBanwait.co or fill out the form below


7 thoughts on “Why AYC?

  1. I’m new to this whole blog thing however I came across your blogs they are brilliant to read and allows me as a marketer to take on the points you have discussed throughout the blogs and put it in practice in the real world of marketing/social media industry. Look forward to more blogs. All the best and good luck

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