How to Find your Passion in Business

What is your passion? What lights up your soul? What do you enjoy the most, where time flies and you’re in the flow? I get hit over the head with these questions quite a lot because I feel like I’m always reinventing myself. You tend to get caught up with making money and finding the best opportunity based on your experience and forget that maybe you might want to be enjoying what you’re doing.

Passion Quote - Steve Jobs
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Well, maybe you’re saying you have no clue where to start or how to find out. Well, first start with what you enjoyed doing as a kid. For me, it was writing creative stories, I told my teacher I wanted to be a journalist (that didn’t happen). You might be thinking well, I did ballet – what does that have to do with making money in business now? We’ll get to that.

Next, think about things you enjoy doing now. There has to be things in your life that you enjoy?

For me, it’s:

  • waking up without an alarm clock
  • drinking coffee
  • weight lifting and hot yoga
  • blogging
  • speaking to groups
  • solving technical business problems or issues for entrepreneurs
  • brainstorming creative ideas on how to grow startups

Okay, by now you should have 2 lists – one from your childhood and one from your life today. It can be anything silly, broad, and weird. The point is, to create that list.

Next step, is to put these things together and see what you can come up with as it pertains to your ultimate business passion.

Remember, the kid who did ballet? Well, if she enjoyed it then perhaps she likes the discipline, precision and gracefulness that comes with it. These are all terms that might bring up passions like numbers, math, or finance (reaching?) Well, you get the point.

For me, I feel like I spelled out my passions in my list:

  • Being my own boss – entrepreneur
  • Marketing consulting with entrepreneurs and startups
  • My branding has elements of wellness, fitness and self-care as its really important to me and I like to work with individuals who also put emphasis on health.
  • FUTURE passions yet to come to fruition: speaker, best selling author, fitness competitor, coffee house owner?

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