The Number One Thing You Need To Be Successful

For me, being successful has always meant taking action and executing on a plan. I love to have a plan and to work through a to-do list. This makes me (feel) super productive and accomplished. I have been under this impression that I had to work hard and do every single textbook strategy to the best of my ability, only then can I allow myself to make money. But, if there is even one slight mistake like my copy was not geared towards conversion or I used the wrong colour for my call to action button, then its all goes down the drain and I’m a failure. Dramatic much? Crazy much? But, this was my pattern.

Self-Belief to be succcessful

Execution is important but that alone, doesn’t make you successful. 

Through all my energy work and facing my demons, I realized that it was all for nothing UNLESS I actually BELIEVED in myself. Do I believe I can do it? Do I trust my internal decisions? Am I confident?

It was an eye-opener for me since I realized that all the hours in the world, and all the strategies in the world were no match for the ultimate belief in oneself. This was the ultimate key to it all.

Then, my executer side roared her ugly head and asked for exact steps to build this belief in myself. Sadly, there are none.

However, I did come up with a few things to help me believe in myself (it’s a work in progress) but one day, I will be that woman that has an unwavering amount of self-belief in herself.

  • Whenever you feel any negative feeling come over you whether it be anxiety, disappointment, anger etc., step away from whatever you’re doing and do something else. Move away from it. Don’t project that energy into your work. This has been tough for me to practice because my executer side freaks out that I’m leaving things half done or unfinished.
  • There is a tiny voice inside of you which is your intuition or gut feeling. You might resist the urge to do things because they are not a part of your day’s plan. Don’t resist life’s flow.  You may do things without thinking about them. Let yourself do them. This action led me to hire a EFT coach, I just did it without thinking it through. I trusted my intuition to guide me in that direction. I want my gut feeling to run my life and business because it always feels good and I am never steered the wrong way.
  • Every morning, I set aside some listening time (this takes practice!!!) I started with 5 minutes of stillness and have worked my way up to 20 minutes. I don’t freak out if I shift around nor do I get upset if I have thoughts run through my head. These are all normal things. I just wait and allow myself to relax. Eventually, I ask: what guidance or messages do you have for me today? I don’t always get messages. Sometimes, I’m shown images or scenes, and sometimes I speak to people who give me advice – oftentimes, it’s me. Today’s message was to trust my hunches and intuition – these are subtle, so pay attention.
  • I’m sure you heard the sayings: thoughts become things, and energy flows where attention goes. I never truly understand those until I was faced with real situations. The more stress or anxiety you place on a certain thing or situation, the more of it you’re going to get – so break the cycle now! I know, easier said that done. Once you break the cycle, its like magic though, so there’s your motivation.

Do you have an un-wavering sense of self-belief? Amazing, please give me your wisdom, oh great one! Other tips on building confidence or trust in your intuition are welcome!!

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The Number One Thing You Need To Be Successful

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