13 Things You Can Do to Remove Blocks & Raise your Vibration

If you somehow landed on this blog, then you probably have some understanding of energy and vibration and how important it is to living a life of happiness and one of your dreams. But, if you don’t, there’s only two things you need to know: energy needs to flow and vibration needs to be high (imagine a tuning fork). My energy was so blocked and my vibration was so low, that I was ultimately not happy with my life and felt really stuck Hence, I didn’t get what I wanted. It was a terrible cycle. Uhh why is this in a business blog? Well, because the way you feel and your energy is EVERYTHING.

But, I didn’t wake up one day and decide, I need to snap out of it! I actually just wanted to get into better shape by changing my diet. But that simple act put me on this journey of self-discovery that kept peeling back layers upon layers. I started November 2015 and I’m STILL on this journey. I don’t foresee it ever ending as there is so much to discover. I can tell you that it’s been fascinating and incredibly rewarding.
Here’s my list in order of all the things I’ve done to clear my blocks and boost my vibration. These have all changed my life significantly for the better, so I call them all “game changers”.
Unblock Energy & Raise your Vibration
Cutting all sugar from my diet – fitness, health and wellness are HUGE passions of mine. But, when I looked at myself, I felt like a fraud and definitely didn’t like how I looked. I worked out 5 days a week yet, was always frustrated at my lack of progress and also didn’t always feel energetic. So, I decided to start weening myself off sugar until I had none. That’s when I watched as the pounds dripped off me in only 4 months. Read the full account here.
Eliminated the negative self-talk – I didn’t love myself nor did I feel it was necessary to do so. So I was mean to ME, made fun of ME, didn’t think I could do “it”, etc. Then as I cut sugar, I also cut the crap talk. I no longer referred to my thighs as thunderous or disproportionate. I no longer compared myself to others, but instead complimented people (even in my head). I no longer looked in the mirror and frowned or tried to avoid mirrors altogether. I slowly got into this wonderful habit of generally being kind to myself. One day, I started loving myself and with it, came a new sense of confidence and inner peace.
Hypnotherapy – by sheer fluke I ended up seeing a hypnotherapist. I did about 25 sessions over a span of 6 months and became acutely aware of exactly why I acted the way I did and what my deep rooted issues really were. It was fascinating but also physically exhausting. Going deep into your sub-conscious is no easy feat and I lived kind of, an emotional roller coaster ride where my work and life suffered. So, although this was super beneficial, I didn’t finish my sessions. I’ll go back eventually.
Connecting with my “higher self” – Some people go to fortune tellers or psychics for answers, but what they don’t know is that all your answers are inside of you. Your intuition or gut feeling knows everything about you – past, present and future. You just have to learn how to tap into it which is actually not that hard! There are people trained in this practice and I spoke to one for an hour which I was deep and profound. He recounted stories from when I was in kindergarten and how it effects my life today. He also did some clearing of feelings I held on to that were related to not feeling good enough. INSANE. You can book a free 15 minutes call with a mentor here.
Getting support (asking for help) – As I got myself to a better place internally, I made huge changes in my business and did things I never did before, like create and sell an e-book, create a video course, build out a sales funnel, bring in 25% total revenue for my startup from cold sales calls and finally hire a business and lifestyle coach. This was a significant decision as it helped me zero in on exactly what I was trying to achieve and make a sustainable plan for it. This was an ultimate game changer because it introduced me to the world of coaching and also, a rabbit hole of knowledge and information that I devoured.
Clearing Chakras – I already did yoga once a week and some meditation but I wasn’t doing it everyday. I also wasn’t super familiar with the significance of chakras. It was really amazing to learn about how chakras can be blocked and how it can affect your business and love life! Whoa! I think the most significant chakra I unblocked was my heart. This is where I felt the most resistance but it was worth it in the end.
Affirmations (money) – I hit head first into some serious money blocks that prompted me to take a course on it, so I could dive deeper into my “issues”. Through that course, I had to re-write my money story and come up with new mantras which I programmed into my phone as alarms, wrote out on post-its and repeat every morning.
  • I also examined words I used which held negative connotations for me. I changed afford to acquire, expensive/pricey to premium, and budget to plan/strategize.
Meditation (asking for guidance) – As I started looking into how to be successful as a coach – I came across a ton of mindset focused work which got me intrigued. I also devoured every popular book on the topic of mindset that existed. In the process, I implemented a daily practice which includes: meditation for 10 minutes where I asked for guidance. I ask things like: What do I need to do today for my highest good? What messages do you have for me today? How do I book 2 discovery calls today? Sometimes I get messages right away, sometimes I am shown weird images that mean something, and sometimes I get insight multiple times in a day to do call someone, send an email, or do a specific strategy. I recently upped my meditation to 20 minutes because I find it so calming, serene and energizing.
Affirmations (beliefs) – Along with meditation, my daily practice also includes reciting a list of beliefs that I want to come into fruition or need to get myself to believe, like: I am worthy of love and success! The catch is, you have to say it with emotion, which for me is a bit of a struggle since it doesn’t come naturally. So this is a work in progress!
Visualization – Another daily practice involves visualizing the outcomes of your results for 5 minutes. Let’s say you want to hit a certain revenue this month. Well, how will you celebrate? Who will be there? What will you do? What will you wear? The secret to visualization is to do it with as many details as you possibly can for maximum effectiveness.
Journaling + gratitude – I tend to do a bit of stream of consciousness journalling before I go to bed along with a few things I’m grateful for. However, I don’t do this as consistently as I’d like and have to make this more of a habit. For gratitude, its good practice to to say: I’m grateful for ____ because _____. The journalling helps clear my head and get out any lingering feelings that may simmer while I sleep!
Burning Sage – I was a bit skeptical about burning sage since the smell can be over powering. The way I did it was had someone fan the smoke all over my body while I thought only positive things like confidence, positivity, peace, success, etc. Then, I put it on the ground and hobbled clockwise around it still thinking the same few positive words. I know it may sound a bit silly but I felt instant calm, peace and clarity. This feeling lasted for a few days and I burned the remaining sage a few times that week whenever I felt any negative thoughts taking over.
Acupuncture – One thing I didn’t tell you was, since the winter, I had this very strange cough that turned into the flu twice over a span of a few months. Then, it turned into a hacking phlegmy cough that would wake me up every night for months. I had tried traditional medicine but nothing worked. Finally, I turned to acupuncture. The Chinese doctor said that because the problem had persisted for so long, it became chronic and all of my chest and lungs were blocked which also affected my energy. It took about 3 sessions for me to feel 80% better, I could sleep through the night again! This totally was a game changer for me because my mood and energy were significantly better. If you have any physical ailment, I totally recommend trying acupuncture to clear the blocked energy.
What’s next?
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) – I’m working with someone who is helping me through my deep rooted money blocks with custom tapping scripts. I just started so can’t comment on this as of yet. Stay tuned!
  • Stones – how to use amethyst and chakras stones during meditation? The most I’ve done with stones is carry a small piece of pyrite in my wallet which attracts more cash. In a month, my wallet has seen $150.

Any recommendations? What else can I do to ensure my energy is flowing and my vibration is high? Comment below!

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Remove Blocks, Increase Vibrations


12 thoughts on “13 Things You Can Do to Remove Blocks & Raise your Vibration

  1. Totally – I do hot yoga which is I feel is even more intense in releasing toxins and negativity. It also helps with stretching muscles and being more flexible. 🙂

  2. Great tips. I have had some real blocks (emotional and financial) in my life for a few years now and one thing that finally started to help me was eliminating negative self talk and starting to believe in my self more by listening to inspirational and educational audio books. I have also seen success with proper diet and exercise but I can’t seem to be consistent with them.

  3. These are all very great tips and I must say, effective! My current focus right now is eliminating self-talk. I am too critical and sometimes overly sarcastic with myself. Though I say it jokingly, I know it has a lot to do with how I feel especially when depression hits.

    Very informative and well written article. Will be sharing on pinterest 🙂


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