2 SIMPLE Ways to Get the Body You Always Wanted

Everyone has their own definition of what they want their body to be and that is certainly more complicated than just “skinny”. I want to be more on the muscular side while keeping my curves. First things first, what are your body goals, what is the body you always wanted?

I attribute TWO things to dropping 2 sizes in less than 6 months. (Yep, I was a size 14, now I am size 8-10. I buy size small shirts!)

How to get the body you always wanted: cut sugar in your coffee

The first one is SUPER simple. It’s getting rid of white sugar consumption.

For me, the number one place I had sugar was in my coffee – about 2 to 3 tablespoons in each cup with an average of 2 cups a day. This equals 240 calories or 63 grams of sugar. Ouch! To put it in prospective, that’s 1680 calories a week, about half a pound of fat, which is 2 pounds a month, GONE!

That’s 12 pounds in 6 months, where 10 pounds equals around 1 size. #boom.

Of course, I got rid of all other sugar for a period of 3 months and had only 1 cheat meal after 6 weeks of being super strict. This additional sugar came from wine, I was drinking at least a bottle a week (5 glasses of wine)! This is an average of 123 calories per glass, at 615 calories a bottle, and 2460 calories a month – that’s almost 1 pound of fat a month, GONE! Let’s add that to 6 pounds in 6 months, half a size down. Other areas, I cut out were all processed foods – my meals were strictly fish, chicken, quinoa, salad, and veggies which definitely helped shed the excess weight.

Of course, I also worked out 5 times a week with weights which helped me actually SEE the muscles and tone up nicely. Ultimately, your diet will be the reason you lose weight, not as much as your cardio/training – that helps but diet is wayyy more important.

Love Yourself Always

The second thing that I did was changed the way I thought about my body.

I stopped calling myself fat or hating parts of my body, like my thighs and butt. I stopped feeling guilty for my cheat meal or an occasional slip up. I started to take those things my yoga teacher said about “loving yourself” to heart. One day, I actually believed it. I loved myself for who I was at that moment and my goals would help me enhance it all to another level. I also started to feel deeply grateful for the strong beautiful body I had that allowed me to do weight training and yoga everyday. I call myself silly things (in my head) like honey, girl, sweetie, love, beauty which helped me see myself as someone who is loved and appreciated.

I didn’t allow one negative thought to come in about how I looked or felt about my body. I just became immune to it through constant positive reassurance that I was beautiful, strong and capable. This internal positivity translated to outside as well. I no longer looked at other fit women with feelings of envy or annoyance. I now, (in my head) complimented them on how amazing they looked and cheered them on. I sent them positive vibes to continue on being healthy and looking amazing.

That’s really the top things I did: eliminate Sugar and eliminate negative self-talk. Now, I have this deep sense of appreciation and love for myself that I never had before. This is truly the body I always wanted and I can’t wait to keep enhancing it more!

Good luck on your journey. Remember, LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS!

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How to Get the Body You Always Wanted

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