14 Life Lessons You Only Understand after 32

Life Lessons

I haven’t been open about my failures, shortcomings and mishaps because I was waiting for a better time when perhaps I would reach self-accepted success. A time when I could look back on all that has gone wrong and realize that without all those things, I wouldn’t be where I am today. While that realization is slow, I’d thought I’d share some quirky yet very true life lessons that have helped me accept “adulthood” aka responsibility for my actions and life.

1. Ditch the cardio, lift weights (ladies).

Ditch the cardio, lift weights.

2. Drink water until the lines and creases on your face are no longer visible or until your pee is clear.

3. Sleep early because late nights partying or other shenanigans are for those in their early twenties.

4. Wake up early because sleeping in is taking away precious time you wasted in your teens.

5. Take vitamins like fish oil because you’re hair is thinning.

6. Count your pennies, as in maybe its time to seriously think about paying off your debts in earnest like in chunks rather than through minimum payments.

7. Instead of spending all your time making money, you may want to spend time saving money. Start checking all your bills and accounts to make sure there isn’t anything weird, like your niece downloading a game on your iPad that has been taking $9.99 from your bank account each month.

8. Learn to cook things like quinoa, and kale – it’s a trend you may want to actually buy into.

9. Meditation can be your friend, if you let it.

10. Don’t wait anymore, because the fact is, you’re getting old, just do whatever it is you have to do or want to do NOW.

11. Brushing your teeth is not enough, you gotta floss.

12. Don’t waste your time with negative or toxic people, surround yourself instead, with people you aspire to be and can cheer you on, on your way to the top.

13. Go on vacation alone, best thing I ever did.

Go on Vacation Alone

14. It’s time to accept your quirks and flaws and love yourself for exactly who you are.

What life lessons have you learned and now live by? I would love to know your philosophy of life.

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