5 Resources for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

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One of the sure fire ways to increase your customer lifetime value is to be exceptional! This is through not only delivering a superb product/service, but also backing it up with amazing, relentless customer service.

Here’s our top 5 tactics of providing exceptional customer service:

  1. Ensure you have an email or phone number that is easy to see and on every page of your site. An FAQ/help section may also assist customers in getting their answers quickly. You may want to use zendesk.com as a FAQ and help solution. You may also want to include a pop up chat window which automatically shows up when a user lands on your page. A plug and play solution like Olark.com has a free plan (1 operator, 20 chats per month). Your customers will now be able to ask you questions in real time, which may lead to a higher conversion rate. This will also help you figure out your frequently asked questions and what types of barriers exist that stop people from purchasing. Try to make an effort to get back to your customers within 8 hours on holidays and weeknights and within 2 hours during business hours. You can state your availability in your auto response message or FAQ.



Read more over the gotVantage blog.


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