How to Keep your New Year Resolutions


In 2014, I actually stuck to a big resolution and lo and behold I accomplished it! I paid off my student debt and all my accumulated start-up debt that was made up of a credit line, 2 nasty maxed out credit cards and a loan. #boom. Debt-free at 32…I guess it doesn’t have the same ring as debt-free at 30, but hey I will take it!

It wasn’t easy! For about 10 consecutive months I didn’t go out or do anything fun other than go to the gym and play with my nieces. But, after a whirlwind few years, I was ready to just hibernate and take some time to get myself back on track. I worked from home and unsuccessfully looked for a “real” job. After a few months, I indulged and had a protein shake at the gym. But that was it, I didn’t allow myself to get any new clothes or eat out at all. To make up for my lack of money, I learned how to cook and did all of the household chores. I finally felt like an adult who could take care of others and also take responsibility for my actions.

Here’s some tips on how to actually keep your resolutions:

  • Daily reflection. I reflected on my bank account and finances almost on a daily basis, writing down figures and going over monthly goals. I had a figure in mind that I had to reach, which I wrote down, stared at, and burned into my skull. I imagined my loans going to $0 before I went to bed. It was almost an obsession, I even imagined myself celebrating. Funny how when I finally reached my goal, it didn’t feel any different!
  • Don’t announce your resolutions to the world, especially big and ambitious ones. Keep them close and alert only immediate friends, family, and those who will support you.
  • Reward yourself along the way!
  • Don’t give up and don’t compare yourself to other people. You will have many people  question your habits, intentions and even make you feel bad about your lifestyle choices.  There is no point trying to defend yourself or argue, just keep focused on your goals.

My word for 2015 is: GROW in all aspects of my life – in the businesses that I own and am a part of, in my fitness aspirations, and in relationships.  Of course, I have some ambitious goals for 2015 which I will share with you in January 2016!

Wishing all of you dear readers, a successful and prosperous 2015!

Do you have a specific word to describe 2015?

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