What is Storytelling Really?


Often, I hear buzzwords like storytelling, your brand should tell a story, people love to read stories…. blah blah. But, what does that really entail? How does your brand tell a story?

Well, the easiest way to think to about it is from your customer’s perspective. How would your product/service be incorporated into their daily lives? Create that story for them.. Here’s an example of a story I wrote for Stadium, we sent it as a Sunday evening newsletter.

There you are, staring at your screen, fingers absently clicking away at the endless piles of emails, while you slurp away at your luke warm, Grande Blonde. Suddenly, you hear an incessant and prolonged growling, you look up sharply and see your co-worker grinning sheepishly, his cheeks turning a bright pink. You smile back, eyebrows raised. “Easy there tiger, it’s not lunch time yet”, you exclaim.

But, then you start thinking about it too. You reach over for your lunch bag hoping for some surprise, but sadly it contains an almost rotten apple and yesterday’s half eaten sandwich. “No, this cannot be my fate”, you mumble to yourself.

You turn to your co-worker, and say a bit more high pitched than necessary: “Save me from this sad desk lunch and get me something awesome for lunch today, please?”

“Easy, dramatic, yeah I’ll take care of it.” he replies.

You sigh with relief and triumphantly throw away the contents of your lunch bag.

What do you think? How would you write a story about your brand from your customer’s perspective?

One thought on “What is Storytelling Really?

  1. Story telling needs to deliver a message instantly in a few seconds so whatever narrative is being deployed needs to be simple, fast and seductive. The minds of the stakeholder is like a butterfly and the complex stories may not capture them.

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