My 4 Tips on Page Post Engagement Facebook Ads

When you put the right thing in front of the right people, they will bite.  But of course, you need an awesome product/service and your creative needs to be enticing as well. You can read about how to make juicy creative in a blog post I wrote a few months ago here.

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First things first, you need to figure out the objective of your ad, Facebook offers 9 options:


For now, let’s say you want page post engagement, since lucky for you, I’m working on one for a client so its fresh in my mind.

The ad is based on a pre-existing post that you have created on your page. You don’t necessarily need to show that post to your existing audience, simply create it, and then hide from the page. It will still show up as an ad to your targeted audience.

Create a post like you normally would with copy,  pictures/video or a link. This type of ad works when you have a photo album of pictures you want people to view or when you have a phone number you want people to call. You can add in a link as well but remember that a link can be optimized better in a different ad objective category.

Here are some additional tips:

  • You may see a “Boost” button under your page posts, don’t use this option to promote your post as this will only increase your reach, and not optimize for engagement among other things.
  • When going through options on creating your ad, remove the option to display the ad on the right column. Only display your ad on desktop and mobile news feeds. I believe that people don’t intend to click on “ads” (which are obvious), they are more likely to click on something directly on their news feeds beside their friends’ posts.
  • Pay attention to your audience definition. I typically make my audience between 400K to 600K using age, sex, location, and sometimes interests. For example, if I am targeting parents, I’ll assume they like pages that have to do with family – this will lower the audience number significantly.


  • Set an end date for 3 to 5 days with a budget of 10 to 15 dollars a day. The Facebook default time is one month! Typically, I don’t wait for the ad to end, I check it daily to see what the reach is, then compare it to results, clicks and the click through rate (CTR).  I declare the ad a failure or success after the reach is above 2000 to 3000. At that point, if the other numbers are low, then kill the ad. If, the results, and clicks are high, then CTR should also be high. A decent CTR is 2%, but an amazing CTR (usually better than 90% of ads) is 15 to 20%. The bottom line should be based on your goal. Let’s say you had 5 people call you and one person is a promising lead (where the sale is high), that one lead could be worth the $50 you spent on the 5 day ad.

Have you created a Facebook ad based on page post engagement? What were your results like? Do you have any additional tips?

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