The 3 P’s to a Better Email Marketing Campaign

There are a slew of various email marketing services to choose from, but I always find myself using Mailchimp. I did have a brief complicated stint with Sendgrid a few years back though….needless to say I’m back with good ol’ MC.


As I consider myself a power user, here are my 3 tips about Mailchimp (and email marketing in general) to take note of:

Preview: Often overlooked, the preview line is the second most important thing about your email after the subject line. This is because you can read it without having to open up the email. I am notorious for “checking” my email without actually opening it, then I make a decision on whether I want to read more or even trash it. It’s important to make your preview witty, enticing, and a nice flow from your subject line.

Plain Text Email: You may have a fancy pants HTML email you designed in photoshop ready to go. With its glossy images and flowery font, you’re recipients will be wowed, or will they? Actually, not everyone has devices capable of viewing HTML email or in some cases, they prefer plain text emails. So, its important to have a plain text version of your email as well. Mailchimp automatically creates one, however it usually looks like a disaster. I recommend taking a few moments to go in and make it presentable with paragraphs, removing extra links, lines, spaces, and sometimes adding additional headings.

Proofreading: I’ll be in the first to admit that there have been numerous times when I have sent an email out and immediately regretted it. For some reason, there’s a huge difference between when you preview an email and when you actually receive it. Suddenly you see that small grammar error, or even worse, the preview line was from last week’s email (ouch)! The best thing to do is to send it out to atleast 2 people to proofread before sending it out to your customers. We all know that errors of any kind mess up your credibility and make you look disorganized and even careless.

Other hacks and quirks:

– Always set your links to: open in a new window;

– If you’re connected to Google Analytics, then make the tracking link relevant by using elements of it “listname_date_title”. This will help you identify if any traffic came to your website via your newsletter.

– Use the merge tags whenever possible. Did you know you can use FNAME in the subject line? This makes the email super personal!

Do you have any additional tips and tricks for Mailchimp? Please share in the comments section.

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