The Number One Thing Your Brand Should Be


What is the number one thing your brand should be? CONSISTENT (in every way).

Personally, I like when things make sense and are easy to understand. When I look at a brand online, I don’t want to get confused about what I’m looking at or overwhelmed. Of course, you don’t want a potential customer to feel that way either. Take a moment and think about your own brand, whether it be your personal brand or your business. First, let’ me tell you about the importance of your business name in a few examples.

My last start up had a peculiar name which had nothing to do with fashion let alone menswear. It sounded like a travel start up, helping people save money. Of course, the natural reaction from SF tech investors was, you have to change your name. I obviously didn’t take it seriously (case in point).

For years, I’ve had this blog with this random name “AuditYourCloset” mostly because of sentimental reasons, and I justified it by saying I’m not a personal brand. But, the fact remained that this random business idea I had years ago was no longer a reflection of who I was or what I wrote about today. It’s downright confusing. I only recently changed it to JasCity, and overall I feel that I am sending a more consistent message to the world.

Recently, I had a client who’s business name reflected only one part of his many activities. Yet, his social media was only showing 20% of what his “name” represented, the rest was all of his other activities that he didn’t really mention anywhere. It was confusing because his fans and/or potential clients couldn’t really figure out what he was sharing or why he was sharing it. There was no consistency. I recommended he rename his site and general branding to his own name, since he essentially was his own brand.

How about your business name? Does it truly reflect your brand, or is it confusing?

Next time, I’ll talk about other aspects to make sure your brand is consistent.

One thought on “The Number One Thing Your Brand Should Be

  1. I agree with you, Jas. I believe consistency is very important in branding. Last year, I changed domain names because people had a hard time remembering and pronouncing my website. Along with the domain name change, my brand has become consistent as well. Plus, people remember the new name better. 🙂

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