The Ultimate Social Media “Hack”

One of the biggest complaints I get about social media (well actually 2) are: “I don’t have time!” and “I don’t have money to pay anyone to do it for me”. Well, damn.

The truth is though, you can never really disconnect yourself completely from your social media, especially as a new start-up or individual. In order to be engaging and have “fans” and “followers” you have to share parts about what makes your brand human, that is – YOU! In most cases, you can’t have someone else share parts of you, for you (weird)… oh but you can!

photo (5)

Posted on behalf of a client: a thank you card she received.

What is the easiest thing you can do in your crazy/busy day of running your business? TAKE PICTURES.

If you simply cannot come up with something witty enough and post it to various social networks, then use IFTTT to send it to someone to do it for you! You can automatically send any photo you take on your iPhone to email or dropbox.


Behind the scenes pictures rock! People like to follow and like others they relate to and are fun, not those that push selling their product/service or are cold/withdrawn. The photos that you post can be anything, like your geographic location (NYC), office space, team members, thank you cards, weather (beach), events, and of course, your product! You can start off by experimenting then seeing what people are “liking” and commenting on the most.

It’s really as simple as that. However, keep in mind that although there are a slew of filters and easy photo editing tools available these days, the ultimate picture has to be something interesting. Don’t just take a picture of something random, or a crowd of people without some context or interest to it.

Well, what do you think? What other social media hacks do you use?



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