3 Ways to Grow Your Community

I know growth hacking is a very trendy term describing those people who know how to code AND also know marketing – kudos to them. I wish I could code, but then again, I also wish I was a dietitian. But I digress, its not even 8am and I’ve already had a coffee, so helloo energy.


I currently work with people/businesses who are either starting from scratch or want to organize their brand for growth, which usually is starting from scratch in some cases. Here are 3 ways to grow your audience using social media.

1. Join Industry Specific Twitter Chats

It was nice to have the awesome people behind #FoodieChats reach out to me a month ago when we were just getting ourselves up and running. Although we’re still too early to sponsor a chat, it doesn’t stop us from participating with all the awesome foodie folks from around North America. They do a 2 hour chat with a food sponsor on Monday nights. This week, we talked about fruit dipped in chocolate among other things. The numbers speak for themselves. We had over 20 new followers and over 10 mentions in a span of an hour. Now, that’s growth! It was engaging and relevant, what else could you want in life, especially for a new “kid” on the block?

2. Fall Down your Competitors’ Rabbit Hole

This is my best kept secret, yet not many people do it because it takes a lot of time and effort. It’s stupid easy though, yet I wouldn’t leave it for an intern, but that could be due to control freak issues. You should basically go through all your competitor’s followers (on all social media) and follow them. That’s it. Through this exercise, you’ll get side tracked more than once because you’ll see increasingly more relevant people/businesses that you want to find out more about and follow their followers. For FB, you can’t follow individuals, but you can follow related businesses that you can engage with.

3. Cliche, but be yourself.

You know, all these years I heard people say be yourself, don’t try to copy people or compare yourself to others, but for some reason none of this registered until a few years back. What I mean by this is, at some point, you really need to know what you’re good at, what your’e strengths are and who you are as an individual (or company). This is a combination of experience and talent. You’re strengths and USPs don’t have to be like anyone else and best of all, they don’t have to be for everyone either. Your eccentricities and quirks are what will make you appealing to a certain niche. Exploit it, flaunt it and always improve. This advice is all true for a company as well. At first, you’ll need to see if what you’re doing is even going to work (validation), you can’t just decide something without some measure of proof it works. Testing, iterations, and opportunities will lead the way.

What ways do you “grow” your networks and community through social media? Leave a comment!


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