Why You Should Post Pictures Natively to Social Media

I am a huge fan of posting pictures on social media, who isn’t? The problem is, I handle multiple social media accounts, so when I post to Instagram, I can’t automatically post to Twitter and Facebook through the app because its connected to my personal account. For some reason, the app changes accounts but connects to only my social media accounts. So, I made it automatic another way using a few pow-pow-clickity-clicks, which is what I prefer as I can schedule it at the best times as well. BUT, then I noticed how it posts on Facebook via buffer (below).

instagram posting


Um, no I don’t know if “I feel like that” because I can’t see the quote! How terrible is that!? On the right, you see how awesome the post looks when its manually posted. Yep, that means I took Instagram out of the equation and uploaded it directly. You can always add a link to instagram if you please. It looks 100 times better and more importantly, it makes sense!

So, what about Twitter and Facebook? Well, each have a section especially built for photo storage (see below). These are two spots you don’t want to leave empty because they appear in prime time real estate on your main pages. So again, I recommend manually uploading your Instagram photo or whatever photo you took directly and natively to these two other platforms.


Twitter Page Photos


Facebook Page Photos

Do you post Instagram to other social networks? Do you post pictures directly and separately? 

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