How to Make your Online Ads Irresistible (quite literally)

For some of you who don’t know I’ve been doing extensive work with a new NYC food start-up called Kitchen Stadium. I can’t believe its been 2 months already, I’ve done so much and am quite proud of how far we’ve come.

One of the things that has worked really well for us is Facebook ads, and duh. I guess its a no-brainer when you see the photos we use (below). These are not stock photos, they were bought off a professional food photographer – that’s literally how serious you have to be when advertising (on Facebook). Of course, the pessimist and naysayer in me was against spending what to me felt like a truck load of money, yet it was definitely worth it! These pictures perfectly portray our brand and hit home with our exact niche.

Grilling  Club Sandwich

So, you’re not a food company, and/or you don’t really have photos that say BAM! Well, I thought back to when we did heavy Facebook ads for my online dating company, TwoMangoes. You want to know what photo brought in the most conversions?

It was a photo of me and a colleague wearing glow sticks and our official shirts at a clubbing event. This picture was real and engaging.



Some general pointers to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t use stock photos!
  • Use professional photography, its worth the money to license.
  • If possible, use real company photos of your team, events or how your product is used – be creative and make it eye-catching.
  • Test a variety of different images (with the same text) at the same time to see which ones get clicked on the most, this is a must. You can then A/B test the text with the winning picture or decide to try out various text with the same picture – the sky is the limit with testing and experimenting.
  • I would recommend sticking to newsfeed advertising vs. the right column, I don’t really see the benefit of the tiny right column, I for one, never look at it. I am also not a fan (pun intended) in the “boosting” of posts or your page. I would just pour money into newsfeed advertising.

Do you have any tips for Facebook Advertising? Have you been successful at it?

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