My Exploration into the Wild World of Online Advertising

I wrote a dumbed-down post a few months ago on choosing the right keywords on Google, mostly for my own reference. Am I the only one who finds Google (ads) a bit on the overwhelming side (when you first start)? Yikes!


But, one must tame the dragon, atleast Google’s hold music is calming. It’s not just Google though, there is a lot to learn in the online advertising world which includes Facebook, Twitter and others. Things are changing all the time. Of course, there are experts who specialize in this all day long, but somehow I became that person so I have to get up to speed FAST.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m no expert, but I am learning and learning fast so I do have some anecdotes, tricks and a starting from scratch methodology I want to share.

So what do I want share?

– Setting up a Google Ads campaign, why it made me feel dumb.

– Why I feel like I am wasting money on Twitter Ads (including stats).

– The bright side to Twitter, there could be hope after all.

– What they don’t teach you in Facebook school: CRM Targeting.

– Bonus: Why Yelp advertising gives me a headache.

This kind of sounds like a webinar or e-book, but I am just listing off blog posts for the next few weeks, because today I was super behind in getting my Monday post out.

I know for a few months I was posting 3 days a week, but as we know, “life happens” and other things take priority. I am happy to report that so far, once a week posting has been consistent for me (hopefully informative as well).

Is there anything in the online ad world you want me to cover? Leave a comment! I’ll start next week with Google Adwords, stay tuned!

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