How to Reach Out to Influencers

So far, we’ve explored ways to find relevant influencers for your business with Part I and Part II. A few months ago, I wrote a post on “How to Write Cold Emails” by comparing an email that didn’t work and one that did. In this post, I am going to wrap up all my learnings on outreach with a few more tips and examples.


Overall tips:

  • Follow influencers on your social networks a day or two before emailing. I’ve had many people follow me back after I emailed them. If someone follows you back before you get a chance to email them, the email suddenly becomes a lot less cold! See example below.

Example #1: When an influencer follows you back on a social network, send an email!

Hey there [name]!

[Thanks for adding us back on Instagram, its great to have someone with your [industry] authority following us. If you have a second please do check out our website, I would love your thoughts and feedback on our service. We are planning to launch in [month].

[Ask them a question related to your industry – favorite brand, place, food?]

Thanks again

  • Peruse the “about me” page to pick up on what the person likes, dislikes and is passionate about. Something like “I hate to cook” or “I love Tom Ford” are powerful statements you can use in your email. It also shows that you took the time to read the blog and ensure that what you’re telling them is relevant.

Example #2: Referencing their about me page in your email.

Hey [name]!

I really enjoyed reading your story, it was interesting to hear how all your experiences prepared you for who you are today. 

You mentioned that [insert statement here] so I wanted to share my [relevant startup based on statement] with you.

If you have a moment, please have a look, I would appreciate your feedback.

We are launching in a few weeks, perhaps I can reach out to you again at that time for you review our service?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Remember to always keep the email short and to the point, where you put the emphasis on the influencer and connect it back to why your startup is relevant to them. This is why its important to first compile a relevant list vs. emailing everyone with a cold and generic email. In my opinion, the goal of the initial outreach emails is to illicit awareness of your brand and get feedback/comments.

You may only get a less than 10% response rate yet, you’re a startup, no one knows who you are. That is the reality of outreach. You can’t expect results with one email. If you don’t get a response the first time, you may want to try again at key points in your startup evolution like pre-launch, launch, and during special promotions or programs.

Furthermore, while you’re thinking about emailing, ENGAGE with the influencers by tweeting them, and commenting on their blogs. After all, the goal here is to make long lasting relationships with your influencers.

What is your experience with blogger outreach?

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