How to Find Influencers – Part II

So you have a list of people that are in your niche and/or industry. Great. Now what?


Well, its first important to remember that not every person you found will be relevant to your brand.  You have to be picky about who you want your brand to be associated with.

  • First, arrange your list based on readership, social media numbers or last time they posted an update. You can do this using programs like
  • Start off with looking at people with the lowest readership (less than 500), these people tend to have a smaller group of followers yet they are more likely to respond to your email.
  • You can get rid of people who haven’t posted in over a year, are in a different geographic location, in a different language etc..
  • Take a few seconds to scan through each site and see if the topics and overall branding matches yours. A blog featuring only recipes and a company that sells a personal chef service wouldn’t really fit.  A recipe blog would more likely work with a new food ingredient company.
  • Add them to your social networks prior to contacting them, so that your first outreach email is not entirely a cold.
  • In some cases, you won’t be able to find an email address, or any other form of contact.

Through this exercise, you’ll be left with a relevant and up to date list that has contact information. From here, you can dive into each individual blogs and send personal, thoughtful and original emails to each person.

We will explore more email crafting and outreach next week!

What strategies do you have for culling down an outreach list?

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