How to find “Influencers” for your Business

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When your business just starts out, one of the challenges is finding people who can spread the word for you. This can be anyone from bloggers, people who work in the industry, or celebrities. I know “influencer” is an overused word yet, its still not an accepted one by even the dictionary (it should be), but its one that you will use often. Here are some tips when finding influencers for your business:

  • First off, outreach is not something you can automate right away as there has to be a strategy around what you’re reaching out for which may vary person to person. However, finding contact information and researching a specific website/app can be outsourced. I strongly recommend getting the help of an Odesk person, your time is better utilized elsewhere.
  • Brainstorm websites and places your target market engages with on a regular basis. If you’re a food start up, then Yelp would be a good place to start. If you’re a women’s fashion start up, then Polyvore would work.
  • Other sites you can try are bloglovin’ which categorizes blogs by niche. Since its a newer blog RSS feeder, it will have more up to date blogs. You can also try that has meetings and events for every single niche in all major cities. The attendee lists are public and often very targeted to your niche.
  • You can also sign up for free trial periods for services like that have neat blog discovery search engines and other cool features.
  • If you’re past the stage of starting up and just want to engage with a new group of influencers, you may consider trying out blog outreach companies like Brandbacker or Sverve.
  • Hack your way to an influencer list the Kissmetrics way here and here.

Next week, I’ll go over tips of crafting messages and contacting influencers.

Where do you look when you want to find influencers? Do you have any tips?

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