How to Build an Online Presence

photo taking - social media

Lately, I’ve been helping my brother with his online presence. He’s struggled with it for years and just never quite got it right. He’s tried doing it himself, used third party companies and even hired people to do it for him. Nothing worked out for him. After spending, what probably comes out to thousands of dollars, he is left with a completely void online presence.

Being in the real estate market, which is quite saturated, its difficult to differentiate yourself. But I can say that about any service based industry. Why does someone come to you over someone else? It all comes down to who you are, your past experience and of course, referrals/word of mouth.

After digging deep, he realized that his long term ambitions were in land development and he had a lot of past experience in renovations, and new home buying/selling and working with builders. He also had documented his work in pictures and video which is extremely helpful now as he can build his online presence solely based on what he actually wants to do in the future using his relevant past experience.

Here are some helpful tips if you’re struggling with your online presence:

  • Like my brother did, figure out what your niche is prior to building an online presence. This requires some brainstorming, thinking about your experiences and what you love to do.
  • Once you’ve figured it out, you need a website. If you’re not web savvy, the best tool I’ve come across is SquareSpace. It’s reasonably priced and dumbed-down in every aspect of its design. You can build an entire site in an hour if you wanted to.
  • Always ensure you ask for testimonials (with video or pictures) to put on your site. Also, sign up for all relevant referral sites in your niche and geography. Although they may not all be filled out, its good to have your name up there for SEO/google search purposes.
  • Choose social media channels where your social media audience lives and/or if you’re doing it yourself than something that you can work into your daily life, like Instagram and Facebook. If you’re unable to do it yourself, it makes sense to hire someone to help you since social media is only effective if done consistently.
  • It won’t be something you completely outsource though, get in the habit of taking pictures and video of your daily life in your profession and send those via Dropbox to your social media person or post it yourself. Your audience is more interested in you and what you’re doing especially in a service based industry.
  • Lastly, your online presence will not bring you an overnight rush of clients – this takes months of consistency to show results, so being patient is key.

I’ve been taking on freelance social media clients lately, so if you need any help, feel free to reach out!

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