A Few Choice Social Media Hacks

Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with an awesome founder on his new start up: Kitchen Stadium. A new dining experience to hit the NYC area in a few short weeks.

Along the way, I came across quite a few cool tools to help with social media strategy and a few required hacks to get through some roadblocks.


Competitor Insight

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Facebook and am kind of happy that teenagers are shunning Facebook. In any case, its still a force to be reckoned with given its one billion users. I came across “FanPageKarma” which is a free tool that allows you to compare your competitor’s pages for all sorts of useful data like best times and days to post. This is particularly useful when your competitors post consistently and have over 50K users. Then, it becomes a matter of copying what’s working for them rather than reinventing the wheel.

Public Post Debacle

Back in the day (k maybe a year or two ago), you were able to search public posts, which was a great way to see exactly who was posting about your brand. But now? It’s non-existent. I chalk it up to it being due to privacy concerns. You can still see a few mentions (assuming the profiles are public) by using Hootsuite keyword search for your URL link. I haven’t had much luck with other sites like socialmention.com or mention.net though.


RSS Feed Debacle

RSS feeds are great when you want to get the latest posts from blogs or various sites, yet twitter stopped offering this feature last year for reasons unknown. Just when I thought it would be cool to capture tweets based on keywords from relevant twitter accounts via IFTTT. Twitter has really stopped all sorts of third party automation, which is understandable. So what to do instead? There is a program called Tweetadder that allows you to retweet other twitter accounts based on keyword, which I found as the closest alternative.

IFTTT work-around for Buffer

I really love Buffer..and Hootsuite, so I use both for tweeting and scheduling. I’ll write a post in a few short weeks on the benefits and disadvantages of both. For weird reasons, Buffer doesn’t allow you to use Facebook and Twitter for the same IFTTT account. What do you do? Create another IFTTT account for it. #crisisaverted

Guest blogging & Links

I’ll be the first to admit that its tough and quite challenging to find amazing guest bloggers and influencers. I really like this new site: buzzsumo.com. You can search by keywords and export all data to excel to do your own analytics and searching. It’s a great way to start when you’re trying to identify important people and topics. Moreover, a keyword search will tell you the most popular posts on that subject based on shares which can become great content to share on your own feeds.

What hacks, helpful tools or work-arounds have you had to come up with in social media?

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