Tumblr for Business: A possible Oxymoron

Tumblr (now a part of Yahoo) is a blogging platform similar to WordPress, yet in many ways quite different. Tumblr, like Pinterest and Instagram favor visually stimulating content, editorial, professional images and GIFs while WordPress favors writing. Often times you’ll see Pinterest and Instagram posted on Tumblr (and visa versa). Although, personally, I don’t recommend cross posting Pinterest or Instagram to Tumblr unless the image is of high quality and fits the Tumblr dimensions. Having done so in the past, I noticed that Pinterest to Tumblr posts never looked right, as they were sometimes grainy, pixelated or too small.

But, like Pinterest, I find Tumblr to favor bursts of posting (to a certain extent) vs. queuing as its called in Tumblr world. However, try both methods and see what works best for you (based on your target market – days, times and content). All should be tested as per usual. Speaking of testing, Tumblr has native analytics which are not as praise worthy as Instagram’s Statigram but not as terrible as Pinterest. At the very least, you can see the total number of notes, biggest fans and the top post. Also, there is a nifty chart that shows which posts got the most notes on which days. These analytics provide a great snapshot of who’s engaged and what posts are working. You can also connect Tumblr to Google analytics for that extra oomph.

Like Pinterest, Tumblr content is made of majority reblogs or repins, its like recycling content based on your particular niche. Of course original content comes from somewhere, it just doesn’t make up the majority. Although quite similar to Pinterest, its not something I would recommend as a place to post all of your content, products or salesy pitches. The Tumblr community is a tight knit one filled with creatives, fashion fanatics and design oriented professionals brought together through hash tags and the occasional emotionally one liners about life. It’s not a network that likes direct sales pitches.

For business purposes, Tumblr, (like Pinterest and Instagram) require a high level of creativity as you’re essentially curating a lifestyle that is appealing to your target market.  Keep this in mind when evaluating it as a potential tool for your business.

tumblr page

Seat14A’s tumblr blog used for menswear inspiration.

Do you use Tumblr as a part of your social media arsenal? 

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