My Top 3 Picks for E-commerce Portals

Of course, considering my fascination with Pinterest, there of course, is a Part II (see part I here). We are all too familiar with the whole Pinterest phenomenon. As in, any e-commerce or curation based site you go to these days looks like Pinterest (Wanelo, Wantering, and Uncovet to name a few). The visually stimulating and endless stream style design has popped up everywhere. Additionally, there are those nifty bookmarklets that lives on your task bar forever reminding you to pin it (Pinterest), buy later (Svpply), fancy it (Fancy) or clip to Polyvore. Here are my top 3 picks for unusual e-commerce portals that are a step up from Pinterest.


Nifty bookmarklets on my taskbar


If any site is purely women dominated, its Polyvore with 20 million users of which 98% are women. If you’re selling to women in the fashion and lifestyle category, it’s recommended that you be on Polyvore. Regardless of whom you’re selling to, you should take advantage of the really useful interface. You can “clip” anything to Polyvore and create cool collages and outfits which can then be saved and shared anywhere else. Each item is tagged with all retail information and source. Using appropriate hashtags and description will allow individual and collage items to be shared on polyvore or anywhere else. Here’s an example of an outfit curated on Polyvore:

From Casual to Formal: the Versatility of Shiny Black Pants


Fancy is a crowd-sourced and curated e-commerce site with 10 million users. It that carries items from anywhere on the web, its like Pinterest but e-commerce focused. You can “Fancy” anything you want from anywhere and it will carry the retail information and/or source similar to Polyvore. You can also upload your own pictures. But, the basic premise is that all pictures are of high quality editorial and lifestyle images, especially items you want to sell. Fancy favors things that are quirky, interesting and unisex like things that don’t have a size or tech gadgets at any price. For this reason, as a retailer you can sell your products on the Fancy interface where Fancy takes a 20% cut, they also have a 2% affiliate linking program. Creating a sale item is easy, but editing is impossible. Once you create a sales item, you’re directly linked to a sales rep from Fancy who handles the rest. This gets a bit annoying since Fancy holds your hand through it. Some people may prefer that though.

Overall, this is a great place for accessory based brands that are unisex to be able to promote themselves to a whole new audience that appears to be heavily male based. Fancy combines a lot of things that work well like a theme based newsletter, brand badges and “fancys” (likes).



At first, I found Svpply hard to understand, yet it works similar to Fancy except Svpply doesn’t charge you for selling on their site. When you add a product to your Svpply store (or page) and link it to your e-commerce page, there doesn’t seem to be any affiliate linking or commission based sales happening in the background. You can create collections of your items and/or items that you “want” from Svpply’s 1.1 million product database or anywhere else on the web. I must admit, the very simple UI yet over complication of the collections, items and wants organization quickly turned me off using Svpply. It may work for a bigger, well known brand though. I do prefer Fancy over it since there is more engagement. Overall, I do encourage you to explore it as a way to tap into a potentially new audience for e-commerce.

Have you tried any of these platforms? Do you know of any other curated or crowd-sourced e-commerce based sites that you recommend?

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