My Visit to Neemrana Fort Palace #roadtrip

I wanted to take a road trip out of Delhi but didn’t want to go as far as Jaipur. This chart definitely helped me narrow down the choices, and of course, TripAdvisor is my go-to source. We settled on Neemrana Fort Palace for a one night getaway. It was an approximate 3 hour drive from Delhi and completely hidden in a Japanese zone industrial area in the district of Alwar. You can barely see the Fort from the road leading up to it as it blends in among the haze and smoke. The road eventually goes through the surrounding small town, twisting and turning upwards until you reach the front gates.

The property and views are breathtakingly beautiful. At first, the property seems like a humongous labyrinth of narrow hallways, uneven stairways and ramps, and endless balconies – but you can easily walk through the whole thing in about an hour.

outward view from upper balconies

view of the District of Alwar from upper balconies

too cold to swim

the way to the room

worker enjoying the view

wandering around

statue that lived in the room

Although the fort is spectacular, I more or less felt like I was staying at some relative’s house. There was no TV in the room and no room service. The room was spacious and clean yet a bit too guesthouse-esque for my liking. The above statue greeted us as we entered the room, which I quite enjoyed.

coffee and samiyan

The staff were very accommodating and definitely made the experience more pleasant. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dinner buffet, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the morning breakfast. You can try your luck at ordering things off the menu, like Rajasthan delicacies like goat meat.

Given Neemrana is a destination, there really isn’t much to do, I got bored the next day after breakfast. I would recommend the following itinerary:

  • Arrive at 4 pm – check-in and get settled
  • 5 pm – tea and music – we had the privilege to see a high school choir from the States who were really amazing.
  • 6 pm – walk around and watch the sunset – good picture opportunity
  • 7 pm – cocktails and live music – I was pleasantly surprised to see that the drinks were very reasonably priced.
  • 8 pm – dinner and more drinks
  • 8 am – Breakfast, then digest by the pool in the sun
  • Optional: zip lining or camel cart rides – I passed on both, partly because of it being chilly.

I imagine in the summer, the pool would be an ideal place to hang out and sip reasonably priced mojitos all day. Maybe, next time!

Have you been to any of the Neemrana properties? How did you like it?

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