Lessons Learned in 2013

I suppose its customary to have an end of year post going over highlights of the year and all the great things that happened. But, I am going to break tradition and talk about 3 important lessons I learned this year.

Being Consistent

About 4 months ago, I restarted my blog on a more consistent basis after years of one off monthly posts or plain dormancy. Writing and blogging has always been a hobby of mine and a source of happiness, and yet I let it slip so many times. This translates to many things in life. Consistency in working out, taking care of your health, social media efforts in growing your business, and the list goes on. I think what consistency boils down to is commitment and discipline. Both of which I resolve to make leaps and bounds of efforts towards in 2014 and of course, continue to write.

Don’t settle

Settling can be as simple as eating and paying for a bad meal, living in a place that is convenient but not ideal or waiting for the future to do certain things. What I realized is that you can’t wait for a better time, place or let things go because its the easier route. Everything should be optimized for the present moment (if possible) for the longer term benefit. When you settle based on short term benefits or because its the easier route, you sacrifice your well-being and sometimes end up in a comfort zone that doesn’t make you happy.  Again, I resolve to put a solid effort towards thinking about my decisions and ensuring I never settle.

How to Overcome Negativity

Everyone faces bouts of negativity, some more than others. What I find works to relieve it is to get away from the source of negativity or away from your present environment. Even if that means working out of a different location for the day, taking a day off to spend with family or going shopping. Doing activities that take your mind off will also bring prospective to your situation. Time heals all.

…and that’s all for 2013!

I’ll be taking 2 weeks off from blogging unless I get inspired and do some more touristy stuff. I’ll be back here on January 6th, 2014!

photo (55)



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