Women Wednesday: The Traveler’s bags

I’ve been traveling full fledged for years sometimes weeks and months at a time. So I find myself using the same stuff over and over that stands the test of continuous travel. I find that I have two bags that have come in handy the most.




This simple, slouchy bag can carry everything from a liter of water, an extra sweater and a small purse. You still have enough room to stuff in any purchases you make when going to outdoor markets. It matches everything you wear and you can easily roll it up and put it into your suitcase. I believe I got it from H&M for 10 dollars as one of those impulse purchases.



This purse is from Jacob for $20 that I bought more than 10 years ago. It has survived 2 trips to Australia, treks across North America and countless trips to India. It still remains in decent shape and still serves as a great purse. It’s perfect for night time events since you can wear it over your shoulder and adjust it tightly. I’d rather carry this type of bag regardless of what I’m wearing to have peace of mind over my passport and cash.


A travel bag used for sightseeing or day trips needs to not look expensive, be sturdy enough to sustain any rips and be something you can throw over your shoulder with an adjustable strap.

What type of travel bags do you carry? 

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