My Week in Pictures | 15.12.13

Another week of 2013 over! I’m looking forward to the new year and a fresh start, that’s for sure.

December is a great month to be in India since the weather is amazing. It’s pleasant during the day, and slightly colder at night, perfect sweater weather. Most people visit during this time as well, to visit family and of course, do their wedding shopping. I had a few friends visit this week, so it was a nice treat to have lunches, desserts and afternoon mojitos.

Yeti Decor
Lunch at Yeti (Himalayan Kitchen) in Hauz Khas Village

I had some extra time this week to work on some DIY projects I had in mind. The one thing I love about India is the plethora of quality fabrics and reasonable prices. We had extra viscose knit fabric that was warm and soft yet was coming apart from the ends. It would be tricky to hand sew, so I opted to put black felt borders on each side to keep it from unraveling. It makes for a perfect shawl.


I spotted this cotton hounds tooth fabric in the window of a fabric sore and had to have it for a laptop sleeve. I had some extra jute material that I used for the lining. It was my first DIY laptop sleeve so the seams were a bit sloppy and the lining was a bit too big. But, the point is, my laptop fits in it, so that’s what counts. I’m thinking of making a pillow case out of it too.

IMG_2287  IMG_2288

For guys who love shoes, I would recommend this little studio in the back alleys of Hauz Khas Village. Through an alley, down some stairs to a beautiful little studio, I believe its called Aurom Inc.


How was your week?

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