My Week in Pictures | 30.11.13

This week had some small adventures and nice surprises. Perhaps my luck is turning? I saw my friend off to the States earlier this week, but not before a wild goose chase for an acceptable piece of luggage and a half bottle of wine at her cozy flat. I instantly fell in love with her 3 bedroom, 2 story apartment that was quite large and done up in subtle Indian decor. It made me realize with a sinking heart, how much I had truly settled for the place I call “home”. But, I’ll leave that for another blog post.

Later that week, I was surprised with a fancy dinner at my favorite restaurant in Delhi called “Cheri”. It claims to be a french bistro, but really it serves mostly everything. We had company by means of a small cat that came in from the courtyard meow-ing for scraps. We named him Tom.


I finally attended a yoga class at the Yoga Cafe around the corner from my office. It was done by a guy who specialized in healing and has taught yoga for the past 5 years. I enjoyed the class as it had tons of stretches and yoga moves I had never done before. We even chanted Om a few times. Now I know why people come to India to learn yoga, its really different than anything I’ve done before as the focus is on breathing and releasing stress.


Today I went to one of my favorite markets in Delhi called “Sarojini Market”. It’s literally filled with one off samples and clothes that didn’t make the cut for retail abroad (I assume). You can get every and any label from around the world, although most labels are ripped out, the clothes remain intact. The price is beyond a thrift or goodwill shop, its literally less than a dollar for a wool sweater and less than 50 cents for a cotton scarf. I went a little nuts and got 10 sweaters, 3 scarves and 3 skinny belts. I figure if something doesn’t fit I can give it to one of the maids.

How was your week? PS – Happy end of Movember! Congrats to all those who raised money for charity!


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