Women Wednesday: How to Maintain your Weight

It’s simple really.

For me, its quite difficult though. I don’t wear dress pants and lately have even avoided normal pants. I’m actually embarrassed to even write this post, but it will serve as a wake up call. But, I will give myself some credit, its been a long and stressful year filled with crazy travel. *excuses*

In any case, maintaining your weight works best if you wear the same pants every week. These pants must be tight, and utterly unforgiving. But, at your maintained weight, these pants look great and are comfortable. One week, you may feel that your pants are a bit snug, warning bells will ring and you may have to skip that dessert and do two extra days at the gym. But, that’s it, that’s the big secret! Your pants will serve as a barometer of how you feel about your weight.

Here’s are the skinny jeans I use for my test. This picture was taken 2 weeks after I started the Hourglass Workout (3 month challenge) last March (2012). I currently do fit into these jeans but have a severe case of muffin top.



Do you have any maintaining-your-weight hacks?

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