My Week of No Pictures | 23.11.13

This week went by in a mostly uneventful blur. As I mentioned in earlier blog posts, I can be naturally negative about life. Who could blame me, I have chosen the hardest and riskiest path to “success” you could ever imagine. Lately, this had led to trouble sleeping. It’s that teenage old problem of not being able to sleep and then not being able to wake up. Oh, what a vicious cycle. Since, I was sick a few weeks ago, I haven’t even been able to get back to a work-out routine. So what can I do to get out of this general Jas-slump?

A good cup of coffee and a trip to the salon are a good start. Caffeine, pedicured feet and smooth skin is a no brainer cure to Jas-slumpification. Writing about it also helps.

This week, I had dinner with a fellow ex-pat entrepreneur. We usually meet up every few weeks and bitch about living in India and then discuss our start-up issues at length. It helps to have a friend who understands the trials and tribulations of life as a start-up ex-pat.  The rest of the week was spent mostly working, yep – not every day or even week is exciting in the life of JasCity (surprisingly).

I’ll leave this post with some much needed sparkle and a few links for your reading pleasure.


How was your week?

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