Woman Wednesday: The Versatility of Shiny Black Tights

I am THAT girl who has a ton of different pairs of black tights. I have light cotton stretchy ones, 2 pairs of thick cotton ones, one that look like pants, and of course black pleather ones. It’s not completely a fashion choice, but out of convenience and the fact that my ever expanding hips have shunned normal pants atleast for now. I haven’t worked in an office in years so this also contributes to not wearing conventional things.

I purchased a few pairs of shiny pants when they started being all the rage a few years back. At first, I didn’t know what to wear them with and so they were only worn with long shiny tops and leather boots once and awhile on that odd clubbing night out. Until one day, I paired my solid black pleather tights with a long knit sweater, flats and even a hat, and I realize it all worked!

Fleece Knit Sweaters with hat and flats - pleather pants done casual
Fleece/knit sweaters, hat and flats: pleather pants done casual

So my great revelation is you can wear absolutely anything with these pants from fleece sweaters to silk blouses and it will always look good. The only rule is that the thinner the material, the more they should be treated like tights as in the butt and crotch should be covered. Thicker materials like leather and heavier cotton can be treated like pants as they will have structure and more importantly, coverage in the right areas. 🙂 For me, this works well since my problem area (hips) are usually covered and the bottom of my top hits the thinnest part of my thighs giving the illusion that my thighs are thinner than they are. 🙂

Below, I made this cool polyvore on how you can wear leather pants with a formal look on the left and a casual look on the right.

Clothes featured from PinkoMcQ Alexander McQueen and Guiseppe Zanotti

From Casual to Formal: the Versatility of Shiny Black Pants

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