My Favorite Social Media Shortcuts

I’m going to be writing a few posts on social media in the upcoming Mondays, just because there is a slew of stuff I want to talk about based on personal experience. To start off, I wanted to share a few of my favorite website/apps as they pertain to social media. You may probably use most of these or may have similar ones that work better – please do share!


I really like buffer, especially their amazing blog which talks about really useful start-up stuff. The app allows you to schedule your tweets based on time, day and time zone via their nifty bookmarklet. All you do is click the bookmarklet while you’re on the site you want to tweet and it creates a neat 140 character message that gets queued. You can also manually schedule your tweets on their site. I use the free version which allows 8 tweets a day, while the unlimited version is $10 a month. I know, I’m cheap. is very close to my heart as it has been built by my team. It’s basically a lazy person’s dream come true. It has all the charm of buffer except you don’t have to bother with scheduling anything. It has 3 settings: low, medium and high representing frequency of tweets during your desired time zone. I use this for all my personal tweets since I read a ton of articles online and like to schedule them all instead of having them tweet out all at once which can be a bit annoying. There’s no limit to tweets, its a free service, for now.


I’ve been using Hootsuite for a few years now because I love the dashboard. I like being able to see my tweets, mentions, direct messages and my personal friend list all in one screen. Its great for business as well, since you can create various columns of keywords, hashtags, or specific types of people you want to follow. The unlimited version is $10, but again I use it for free, since I don’t use it aggressively.


This is by far the most useful tool online. It’s basically a way to trigger an action based on another action. “If I publish a photo on instagram than upload it to my dropbox” is an example of a recipe. I have about 7 recipes going on around various things getting pushed to other places. I have tumblr, pinterest and instagram going to buffer because I have it hooked up to for analytics. It’s easy, always running, and something you don’t have to think about. Is there any easier way to track your social media metrics? Perhaps. (more on this in a future post).


There are so many picture editing apps out there, its a crime not to take advantage of them. I’ve tried a few paid and unpaid ones and I find Pixlromatic matches my style the best as it has really punchy filters, effects and borders that match my personal blog style. I use basic Instagram for my business, since we have a few designers and photographers on our team, most of our blog photos are edited in Photoshop.


The new trend in blog pictures and pin-worthy posts is having words on pictures. I use instaquote, free version which shows the annoying “instaquote’ at the bottom. It’s alright for now, but eventually I’ll have to upgrade!


Another photo manipulator app which corresponds to photo editing trends is multiple photos in one frame. PicFrame does the job really well, but, I’m sure there are a slew of others that can be used in the same way.

What are some of your favorite websites and apps?

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