My Week in Pictures | 17.11.13

I thought to switch my last post of the week to include the weekend, since my Friday and even Saturday morning is still Friday EST!  Not that I have too much to share this week in pictures, but I like this post because it allows me to reflect on my week and also share it with you.

I realize that in most cases my week is not as productive as I would like it to be. Yet, things don’t happen overnight! It’s the little choices and changes we make over time that affect the bigger picture. Furthermore, as I get older, I realize that what I wanted a year ago has quickly morphed into something completely different. My year ago dreams of adventure and spontaneity have now become that of comfort, routine and being with those I love. Here’s hoping that 2014 will hold a better future whereas all the hard work of years passed will finally be realized.

But, I digress…

Here are a few pictures from my week!


Yet another picture of Hauz Khas village, I love this place, especially at night when all the signs light up the narrow alleyway. I spent a Tuesday night bar hopping when I realized that 3 places had Ladies night (as in ladies drink for free!) For future reference: Tuesday: Bootlegger (never going back there again), Elf Lounge and Fork You; Fridays is Chaman Lal’s and of course, Sunday is Raasta.


Later that week, I enjoyed a nice glass of red wine at Chapter 25, a new (and only bar) that opened around the corner from my office. It has a wooden décor that still needs quite a bit of personality. The free wifi and coffee selection will definitely have me coming back during the day though.

How was your week?

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