This Week in Pictures | 8.11.2013

I sadly missed my Wednesday blog post because I spent much of the week nursing a bad cold. The cold was the result of a sick guy in the office and perhaps too much fun during Diwali weekend. So, I don’t have many pictures from this week nor any interesting links #fail. Although I did make it to the office on Wednesday and had some adventures which landed me back in bed on Thursday. In case you were wondering, I am feeling much better!

I have included some pictures from last weekend which was jam packed with Diwali festivities. I visited the Shiv Mandir and helped light and fly sky lanterns, which was an amazing experience!

shiv mandir - CR Park

Shiv Mandir - CR Park Sky Lanterns - CR Park

My cousin was in town visiting his in-laws so we spent a day hanging out in a few of my favorite places including B Bar in Saket, absolutely love the decor of this place!

B Bar - Saket

We are launching our November collection a little late this month due to timing and holiday scheduling but nonetheless, I learned long ago not to stress out about things out of my control. This week, my guest blog post on DIY Elbow Patches was finally published! Have a read if you’re feeling up for the challenge.

That’s it for now! How was your week?

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