How to Manage Google Fatigue

I was thinking that I didn’t want to write yet another blog on SEO (search engine optimization) as there are already a slew of blogs out there, notably: Kissmetrics. Even I get a bit overwhelmed when I see my Google analytics dashboard. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of Google, but it’s this massive giant that you just have to learn to tolerate.

So I thought I would write a super “dumb-ed” down post on an aspect of SEO that everyone should know especially if you have a brand, product or service.

Adwords” are exactly that – words that are bought through a bid. It’s assumed that people type specific keywords to search you out (the higher the “competition” for the word – the higher the price will be). However, relative competition is not directly related to search volume – more on this later. Sometimes the key words are obvious other times they are not so obvious. For example, although my company, Seat 14A offers complete menswear ensembles, no guy will ever search “ensembles” or “men’s outfits” in Google. They may search blue blazer or mens clothes though.

So here’s how you start.

Go to –> Tools & Analysis –> Keyword Planner –> you’ll get a list of 4 different ways to search for keywords. I use the “get search volume”.

Enter in your search criteria – “English” “United States” and also a list of random keywords. Anything you think would make sense for your industry. The results show you low, medium or high competition and search volume for each word. For example “camo” is searched quite a lot (above 100K) searches yet the competition for this word is low.

This chart will help you figure out what words work best for you, oh yeah, I’m sure there is some techie way Google can  produce this for you, but I like my research old school – manually inputted and on Microsoft word.

low (competition) – italics=no results, bold=best



low (searches – <10K)

men’s fall trends

men’s fashion (9.9K)

tweed blazer/blazers


medium (between)

men’s trends

blazers (90K)

bow ties

high searches > 100K)




gifts for men

Here are some pointers:

  • Don’t assume that words singular and plural will give the same search results, they can be wildly different, ex: blazers is 90K and blazer is 160K.
  • Generally people don’t use exact punctuation when searching, so this also is wildly different ex: mens vs. men’s.
  • The best words are those that have a high search and low competition as the bid is much lower. These usually take a bit of creativity to figure out and its about knowing your company and (potential) customers.

This is a really great exercise, as you can then input all the keywords into your site, so it’s better tracked by Google search results. You can also see what the most popular words are and those that are underbid and opt for those in a potential ad campaign. Of course the most popular words have the highest competition, but as a small business/entrepreneur, you can’t usually spend that much on SEO.

Do you have any tried and tested SEO tricks or pointers to share?

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