This Week in Pictures | 1.11.13 | Diwali Edition #longread

Not only did I start the week off with mojitos, I also ended it with mojitos. My diet definitely suffered this week as I enjoyed ice cream, and chocolate cake NOT including my cheat day. Good thing it was also the week I worked out a bit more than usual and had my protein shakes I guess it all evened out in the end!

I am a total Hauz Khas Village hipster, as I’m there a few times a week, sometimes to work out of cafes while enjoying their free wifi or just drinking with friends. One placed I checked out this week was “Imperfecto” – a cross between Italian and what appeared to be Harry Potter. The cobblestone floor, iron wrought furniture was complimented with miniature ponds with cute bridges. But, then you see vintage typewriters and hanging books and you wonder what the restaurant is trying to say to you. Perhaps its a depiction of Shakespeare if he was alive in the 70’s. I find that most places in India struggle with a theme identity crises, there is no consistency in anything. Most are trying so hard to appear Western that the theme is lost in kitschy vintage paraphernalia and the odd Bollywood poster.

IMG_2006  IMG_2007

Thanks to my all male co-founders, we have an awesome gym in our office, where you can do a decent work out with weights combined with intervals of skipping. I brought a bag ofprotein and glutamine from home since its super expensive in India and made some simple shakes with soya milk and banana. Yes, I re-used my Starbucks cup because I don’t have any large sized glasses. I am the epitome of ghetto fabulous.

IMG_1980[1]   IMG_2008

One of the highlights of running Seat14A is when clients send me pictures. I love the way this client put together his outfit while wearing our Claret blazer. I also visited a new menswear shop that opened up in Shahpur Jat: Kardo. The designer is a 20 year old fashion veteran originally from the UK. His style and designs were impeccable. It’s always awesome to connect with other menswear fashion companies as its such a smaller industry.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Lately, I’ve been super bored with my dead straight long hair, so I decided to try out two styles of no heat curls. Since I have no hair products or styling tools, I twist/braid my hair while is wet and attempt to sleep on it. On the left is my hair twisted like this. It’s impossible to sleep on this hair, but I like the loose waves. It lasted 2 days. On the right, I braided my hair which made tighter, and a bit uneven curls that lasts about 3 to 4 days. The left one definitely looked better in my opinion, but the right one is easier to sleep on and lasts longer.


Hope you had an amazing Halloween and for those who celebrate – Happy Diwali!

How was your week? 

2 thoughts on “This Week in Pictures | 1.11.13 | Diwali Edition #longread

  1. Hey,
    Just go to the Shahpur Jat location and ask to speak to the owner, he’s a great guy.

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