My Lesson from Audit Your Closet

I’ve always been interested in fashion and technology. It was just one of those things I was drawn to, even when I didn’t completely understand how I could incorporate various technology. My initial idea was “audit your closet” a place where you could store and categorize your entire wardrobe in one spot. Then, an “e-stylist” would help you figure out how to combine different looks and tell you how to get the most out of your closet. I went as far as testing out the idea on a friend, where she photographed her clothes and I organized them for her into outfits. This was pre-iPhone, and apps so I quickly lost interest. I never stuck with the idea long enough to see how well it would’ve made a nifty app. Years later, I find my idea staring up at me and I feel a pang of regret.¬†


It wasn’t that I didn’t pursue the idea that I am regretting (well, a little) since ideas are a dime a dozen and useless on their own. It’s more about the fact that I didn’t truly and consistently stick with that which I wanted to do more than anything else. Why did I not see the importance of sticking to it? Well, hindsight is always 20/20.

This is my general advice to those that have an idea or anything they want to pursue.

  • Start a blog and write in it consistently. This is a good excuse to research and also to build an audience of interested readers. Don’t stop writing ever. This is my single biggest regret, why did I ever stop writing in this blog and this one on menswear?
  • Guest blog on other sites, I did this for a few months, but didn’t stick with it.
  • Attend events in the niche you’re interested in as well as keep up to date on trends and news.

If you continue these three things, then you’ll start meeting the right people and be given opportunities. You may even meet potential business partners or partnerships that make sense.

The key is consistency and not giving up ever. When you lose both of these things, you lose everything because starting from scratch when your competition has already spent time and effort doing what you want to do for years, puts you really behind. Even picking up from where you left off is a disadvantage, since it’s like you’re starting all over again.

I’ll leave you with this, don’t turn your back on something you want to do regardless of if you can’t do it full-time. You can always start small and build it up on the side. Even giving it an hour a week of attention is enough. Also, it’s okay to take a break from it and try other things, but never leave it for good for a stretch of time.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a passion project or subject that you love but haven’t pursued consistently or have left it completely?

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