This Week in Pictures (in the life of @jasbanwait) | 25.10.13



I spent #SundayFunday taking my first Hindi lesson. Although I know Punjabi and can sort of understand Hindi, I have trouble speaking it. Mostly, its a confidence thing. I have gotten a lot better as I can easily converse with auto drivers and shop keepers, but its not enough to have a full blown conversation by any means. One lesson later, I realize Hindi is a lot like french in terms of male/female and conjugations. It definitely helps to know Punjabi as a lot of words are similar if not the same. I am trying to make a concerted effort to speak it when I can and practice as well. I really want to learn conversational Hindi especially after almost a year of being in Delhi, I should know atleast that much!


photo (60)

I finished off Sunday at Charman Lals’ balcony which overlooks the ominous green lake and surrounding forest of Hauz Khas Village, where a parrot sighting is not uncommon. The time with friends I hadn’t seen for months was long overdue.

photo 1

Later that week, I had a few out of office things to do so I ended up working out of a really cool new cafe called Barsoum, again in HKV. The owners used to have a smaller cafe called Flipside which had really uncomfortable hard benches. I am so glad they moved into a bigger and cozier space with a wallet friendly menu and free wifi. The new cocktail waiter made me a strawberry mocktail that was quite good.

photo 4

Here’s a sneak peek at our next outfit – denim shirt and camo bowtie and below that a fabric sneak peek of our moustache shirt we have planned for Movember.

photo 3

photo 5

Overall, work is good. We changed a few things for the better, and I am on my kick of improving our product offerings among other things.

How was your week?

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