This Week in Pictures | 18.10.13

This week, I splurged and got not one but two pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks. The first time, I said my name was “Jas” to see if they would spell it right, but given my accent, they didn’t, which is understandable. The second time, I said it was “Jasjit” (with the proper accent) and they got it right! After all, I’m in India, where else in the world will they get it right spelling and all!?

photo 2 (10)

This week’s excitement surrounded our new leather tablet sleeves which will accompany our second fall collection. They’re sleek and simple. Our first accessory you can buy on its own.


photo 1 (3)

Again, I am without too many pictures as I’m still not in the habit of taking pictures of everything in my week. It’s still extremely hot out which makes me feel less productive, and more exhausted than usual. It’s like the sun and heat suck the energy out of you and make you want to sleep while dipping your head in cold water. I’m definitely looking forward to the change in weather in November, with good weather comes a lot of fun activities outdoors and an overall happier outlook on life.

How was your week?

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