Women Wednesday: How to Wear a Bow tie or Tie

Bow ties and ties are not just for men, women can have so much more fun wearing these masculine accessories since there is no convention or tradition to follow. Actually, the best way to wear these as a woman is with a complete disregard for rules.

A few years ago, I bought my brother a vintage Christian Dior tie that cost $50. It was made of beige silk with “Dior” printed all over it. I absolutely loved it and often stole it from my brother’s closet and wore it loosely around my neck with an over-sized white silk dress I borrowed from my friend’s line. Those were the days I had some semblance of style and also invites to fancy fashion parties to wear funky clothes to, but I digress.

Obligatory washroom selfie pre-instagram

Lately, I’ve really gotten into bow ties and even going as far as making a makeshift one out of camo fabric, creating a sample pattern, and of course learning to tie one (properly).

But, as I mentioned, I would never wear a tie or bow tie conventionally like guys have to. I’m not even sure you can get a women’s shirt with a top neck button anyway! Here are two ways I wear bow ties and ties.

  1. I have this cool silver bow tie that is attached to a chain, I love wearing the bow tie necklace with funky collared shirts. Like in the picture above, I would only wear a tie like a necklace or scarf. Wearing it traditionally would just look a little too masculine on me, especially on my 6 foot tall frame.
  2. I like to directly clip or tie the bow tie around my neck like you would a scarf or choker. My friends at TieSociety let me try on a few of theirs, I chose this green striped one. Also, you can accessorize further by wearing eyeglasses for a chic hipster look.


How do you wear bow ties or ties?

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