This Week in Pictures | 04.10.13

I finally feel like I found my rhythm in India after a few tough-ish weeks. The weather is still extremely hot and oftentimes rainy. But, mid-October should bring better weather.

On Monday, I was surprised to find myself at Rara Avis, a french restaurant that happened to be on restaurant week’s list of discounted 3 course meals. I declared it a cheat day and had french onion soup, pumpkin ravioli, a small quiche, a lemon tart plus 2 glasses of Australian wine. This was a fantastic start to the week!


Wednesday was a national holiday as it was Gandhi’s birthday. So I worked lazily from Kaffiene and later met friends at Dunkin Donuts. Yes, there is a Dunkin Donuts in Delhi with sandwiches and even a flat white on the menu. I opted for a iced coffee, but it was sub-par.


I finally bought a few notebooks from my favorite Indian stationary place called Letternote. The quality isn’t amazing, but for less than $3 (CAD) per book, the eccentricity is definitely worth it.


A quick photo I snapped on my way to the office, stuff you would only see in India.


I was supposed to do a guest blog on DIY elbow patches a few week ago, and I finally had time to do it. I sewed on blue felt patches on my vintage blazer. It was pronounced ghetto yet, whatever, its DIY. I’ll post the blog once its up.


I had drinks again at Mia Bella’s rooftop patio to celebrate a friend’s birthday Friday night. We had pitchers of Caprioska that gave me a slight hangover in the morning. I still pulled myself together and headed to the leather market to pick out leather for our upcoming collection which will include an iPad sleeve. With work, I still feel that we haven’t hit our grove yet. We are still iterating to find that sweet spot and that thing that works every time. Hopefully soon things will start to click.

How was your week?

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