Women Wednesday: Products only Found in India

As I stated last week, I am attempting to introduce a more women-friendly section so this is my second attempt. 

India’s beauty scene is predominately made up of whitening creams because of our obsession with white skin which we attribute to purity and let’s face it – wealth. Even I’m tempted to buy the under arm whitening spray. But, this is not a post about the controversy over India’s need to be light skinned. It’s about how I came across two beauty products that I now use daily that I can only find in India.

I am not a huge beauty nut or even know the proper technique for a smokey eye, and I hate lipstick. The only reason I ended up buying stuff from India was because I needed it for my Halloween costume last year. Then, it kind of transferred into real life. It’s a simple list of two:

  1. As you can see, the black that I used to do my cat nose was with Maybelline Colossal Kajal. It’s basically like a skinny marker that is super easy to apply.
  2. This Nivea chap stick has a light shimmering pink color to it, and is my go to lip wear. It’s completely replaced all notions that I would ever wear actual lipstick.

Both items, I am only able to find in India, but thankfully I make frequent visits and stays, so all is well on the makeup essentials front. Other than these two items, I am at a loss for cosmetics in general in India and probably won’t go looking for anymore either.

photo (58)

What are your beauty essentials that you can only find in other countries?

3 thoughts on “Women Wednesday: Products only Found in India

  1. I love that shimmer pink nivea lip balm: They sell it in Europe also (at least in the UK, Germany, France, and Switzerland)

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