This Week in Pictures & Links | 09.27.13

I spent some of this week with a bad stomach ache, which in India, is a regular thing. I usually get hit with some stomach issue every few weeks. So the menu included fresh juice from a cute place near my office and a ton of South Indian food. Its the lightest food in the Indian genre – I literally ate it the entire week for dinner.

photo 1 (3)   photo 2 (10)

I love color coordination…and using instaquote.

image (2)

Lastly, the hunt for good lunch food continues, this time we nailed it with Soul Kitchen, a new joint that opened up near my office. There is really nothing Soul about it – its Italian food, but that’s India for you. I officially made it a cheat day and had a burger. I also picked up “the Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown because I feel like I read so many work related articles, I never actually unwind from work other than Facebook, and that’s not great.

photo 3 (1)

Speaking of reading a lot – I wanted to include some interesting articles I read this week, since my pictures are severely lacking.

How was your week? 

PS – I may do a Part II edition if the weekend proves to be a bit livelier.

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