Women Wednesday: Daily Skincare

Since I work in menswear, I thought I would add a blogging day dedicated to girl stuff, which will include: beauty, health/wellness and of course, fashion.

After spending 9 months in India, I came back to Toronto and realized I had developed some skin damage from excessive exposure to the harsh Indian sun. Given that all my life, I barely wore moisturizer let alone SPF this was inevitable. Plus, I never had an issue with my skin ever before.

So the skin damage wasn’t insane or anything, I just noticed a few minuscule brown spots on my upper cheeks. It freaked me out a bit and I realized I had to start a proper skincare regime ASAP. Luckily, my sister in law had just started Arbonne so she hooked me up with a day cream with SPF and a night cream that helped with brightening and discoloration. I also included a light scrub from Neutrogena.


I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to skincare. Having never applied relatively expensive cream on my face – I realized you can’t just slap it on. Apparently the skin near your eyes is super sensitive so you have to dab it gently with your pinky finger, its a bit tiresome but it prevents stretching and wrinkles in that area.

I have been using the creams for about a month now and do see a slight difference – my skin is brighter and more even toned. It’s not a drastic difference though, the small brown spots still remain for now. Back in India, I am now in the habit of covering my head with a scarf and wearing big sunglasses when I’m out in the sun. I don’t want anymore sun damage so I am taking every precaution necessary.

After all, you only have one face!


What is your skincare routine?

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