This Week in Pictures | 9.13.13 | Nameste India!

September for me is like New Years, a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. So, in my attempt at starting something new, I am blogging every Monday and Friday. Every Friday, I’ll post “my week in pictures” which is a snippet of my week. Here it is!

photo 1

I flew to India early this week via Air France and had a brief stop in Paris. All I saw was the airport which was bright red and made you feel like a superstar with its bright and glittery shops of chocolate and perfume. I treated myself to a cappuccino which was definitely worth the 6 euros it cost me.

photo 2

On my first full day back in the office, we went out for a celebratory drink at this new place called “Mia Bella”. The view is the best in Hauz Khas Village as it allows a full and unobstructed view of the (fake) lake.

photo 3

I’ve been super worried about what to eat in India. My last 6 month stint left me very overweight from copious amounts of butter chicken and fried pork. This time, I’ve decided to be super strict and a bit neurotic about eating. I allowed myself this tasty yet healthy option for lunch: idli rice (steamed rice cakes) with a spicy soup called sambar.

photo 4

We did the first 3 fall photo shoots this week using our new makeshift photo studio. I worked with a new model who has a cool, hipster look.

photo 5

My week ended with a trip to Connaught Place (downtown) to chat with my old Savillian tailor whom my brother still uses to get shirts and suits made from. I also finally saw the new Starbucks which was quite swanky and reminded me of home.

I am still not entirely over the jetlag, but getting there. It will take a few more days to adjust back into India life.

How was your week?

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