Failure and Other Things


Recently, I’ve seen a lot of blog posts come up of people talking about their failures. Its a good thing because it happens a lot more often than “success”. It’s not something people want to talk about, because who wants to be seen as a failure? I don’t blame them, I myself don’t talk much about my failures. In fact, I feel that the perception of my life is inversely proportional to the reality of it.

In any case, I want to start making a more concerted effort to talk about my failures and experiences so that others will learn from them. I mean, I have made a career out of being an “entrepreneur” having done all the things that only entrepreneurs do like, start a business out of my parent’s basement, sell things out of the trunk of my car (not drugs!), joined an incubator, tried to sell a company, got equity in a funded company, was on Dragon’s Den, launched a company in another country, joined an accelerator, and finally became CEO of my own startup. It’s been a wild journey, and I don’t see it ending without one final push towards what I define as success: being able to support myself comfortably off my own entrepreneurial venture.

So stay tuned for a weekly update on failure and other things. Of course, I will digress like crazy and talk about everything, but the point is, I want to blog weekly again, so please hold me to it!

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